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Um.....THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy. I've been listening to him for hours now and not a single misstep in his ouevre. I just bought this cd. Of course, I'm stunned by this song in particular. I mean
you can hear the river from my burial bed
?!?!?! Are you serious, kid?! *faints*  WHO IS THIS GUY????

* I wrote some Greek Mythology comment fic for this unique prompt -
Greek Mythology, The Gorgons, deadly beauty

The unfair price of her envious beauty; mortality. The indebted cost of their grievous monstrosity; immortality. The virgin sisters content with their shared celibacy, the isolated lives they chose to live. A convent of three. Until her rapist rose from the sea to claim her. She had been savaged, taken from behind, his wet hand pressing on the back of her neck, fingers spread wide, combing pitilessly through the head of snakes, holding her face down in the sand. The Mighty and the Far Springer tearing at their own writhing locks, helpless to stop the brutality of the gods.

Now the gravid Queen was slain. Tricked, beheaded, dishonored. Her own breath-taking visage used against her. The treasure of her womb plundered, Poseidon’s begotten springing free, beasts both. And still the gods grinned their wicked self-satisfied smiles, mounting her stone head upon a shield. Her deadly beauty a weapon.

The sisters mourned their loss, strange comfort found in bloodshot gazes. Locks and locks of snakes tangling while they slept. Waking in one another’s arms, whispering in the dark, scaly secrets, promises hissed. Stheno licked at Euryale’s teeth. Euryale skimmed the rigid curves of her sister’s body with her talon-fingered hands. One folded her wings tight, the other wrapped them both in tear-soaked feathers. 
* The menfolk took off Thursday for lands high and yonder and I went to my parents. I returned Saturday evening and they got back yesterday afternoon. All is good. Back to the grindstone today.

* I finished King's Duma Key and was disappointed in the ending. I thought it really fell apart, become comicbookish, outlandish, and for some strange reason, shockingly racist. But the first 2/3rds remain magnificent. Here's some of the quotes I highlighted -

~ God always punishes us for what we can't imagine.
~ Pain is the biggest power of love.
~ You should never trust a person who prays in public.
~ as if she had whistled for a dog and gotten a wolf.
~ Art is the concrete artifact of faith and expectation, the reazliation of a world that would otherwise be little more than a veil of pointless consciousness stretched over a gulf of mystery.
~ Be brave. Dont' be afraid to draw the secret things. No one said art was always a zephyr; sometimes it's a hurricane. Even then you must not hesitate or change course. Because if you tell yourself the great lie of bad art-that you are in charge-your chance at the truth will be lost. The truth isn't always pretty.

* Also saw Norman Reedus in Sky and that was pretty great. Streaming on netflix right now. A small film. I loved it.

* The Olympics are over and what I got to see when I was at my folks' was fantabulous. I'm sorry for Lochte, I'm thrilled for Jorgensen, and amused that NBC is so old-fashioned but still...OLYMPICS!

* Woke from a dream of the boy I used to love and live with. In another (seemingly) lifetime. He's always still that boy in my dreams and I dream of him more than one would believe I could or should. In this dream I was trying to return a human skull to him....he didn't want it. There were more strange Jungian symbols in the dream - teeth, tattoos, mussed beds, and rain...but it was a dream, so....yeah.

how can i love when i'm afraid

* Thirteen days until my self-imposed start date for getting back to WRITING. I'm still not feeling anywhere close to being in the headspace I normally occupy for such venturing inward, but one thing Idol taught me is that I don't really need to be. Sit and write. The Muse will get off his lazy duff, brush off his hooves, and provide if I ask. I am continuing to storyboard and character draft and jot down daily inspiration and collect quotes, pictures, poems that speak to me about my story. There is so much poetry that has been written about Persephone. And it's amazingly good. The prose not so much.

* And speaking of prose, I'm still reading like it's a job. murielle suggested that Stephen King's Duma Key might be Persephone inspired, so I broke my own rule about King and picked it up. Whoa. King has grown leaps and bounds as a writer since my love affair with him died tragically under the wheels of an 18-wheeler after Pet Semetery. I mean, c'mon, there is simply no question that he has achieved Great American Novelist status and for solid reasons. The king of popfic has made himself the Great American Author. This book is frankly ASTONISHING. Absolutely right up there with any of the other contemp literary writers given laurels. I have never read King with a Post-It Pen in hand but I have been filling this thick paperback with flags and marginalia. It's really, really inspiring. HOWEVER, it's eerily good in the same way that Pet Semetery was flawless UNTIL the horror began and although it was still perfection the entire book shifted into something that needed to be kept in the freezer. I don't do written horror well. At all. It....scares me. So, I keep tentatively turning pages....with held breath and my hand on the freezer door and I know it won't be long now until this book worms its way into my grey matter and sleepless nights are the reward. I should put it down, I know that. But as King fans will attest, his work is addictive. Serious word crack. Damn.

* In another attempt to keep the devil out of my head, I've decided to seriously learn hand embroidery. Of course, I worked a sampler as a child and enjoyed it, but didn't find it....expansive. Then I saw this artist's work on IG and my mind was blown. Tiny Cup Needleworks. I'm perusing Urban Threads for inspiring patterns to learn on. (They have a Persephone and a Hades pattern!!!) Embroidery is such a fascinating handicraft in its history, from the astonishing French work to Victoriana to Amish to the Blind Stitch of the Chinese.

* RIP John McLaughlin. I will miss you terribly.

* Menfolk are going camping this weekend. I will be going to my parents for one night.

Johnny is so in love with Christina here. For her part, she looks fond of him -

new faun!!!

elenbarathi have you heard/seen??

most of us don't want to change....really

* I was just telling a friend that things aren't settling....and I realize now that they won't. Or at least will never return to the way things were before. So I need to find a way to accept this new phase of life. As Nick Cave so tragically muses, we change from the known person to the unknown person....

* We've begun watching The Last Kingdom because Vikings. The casting is slightly off-putting but the story is holding our interest.

* My guilty viewing pleasure has been and always will be dance movies. Especially....contemporary dance. And the cheesier the better. Hee! I found this one the other night and enjoyed it IMMENSELY - Street Dance.

* Reading Simone de Beauvoir's astonishing All Men Are Mortal. It's not an easy read by any stretch of the definition, but I do think it's worthwhile.

* I've given myself a deadline/starting line for writing - Monday, August 29th. I want my new office space to be finished and ready by then. In the meantime I've begun daily notes and storyboarding for the new work. I now know my character's arc and it's making sense.

* The Pilates reformer class is everything I've been wanting yoga to be and so much more. So far so great!

* D wants to do a quick overnight camping trip tomorrow with another couple....and I'm really having my hand forced to agree. Agreed, I have. Not looking particulary forward to it, but not dreading it entirely either.

trying to distract....

* Ah, political theatre. It simply doesn't get any better than this. The RNC all last week and the DNC all this week and the hilarious weekend buffer of wikileeks, that crazy vegetable medley of lies and spins. I know most of the flist refrain from talking politics and I understand why, but even out here folks are quickly putting up a hand, the universal sign for no political discussion lest my head explode. So, I'm watching and chortling all by my lonesome.

Anyone else feel slightly confused by the male Clinton's old skool introduction of his wife, the first female US presidential candidate, with the emphasis on "girl" and HIS choosing of HER???? Mmmmmkay.

Watching the DNC's internal turmoil, supporters actually weeping for their vanquished hero has been deeply moving, makes Trump's assessment of America seem apt. Are we a family that needs to turn our energies inward and get our own house in order before we go back out into the wider world?

And being surrounded by millennials, as I am, I will say that the Democrat ticket is appearing...old and out of touch. The Republican ticket seems to have a lot of young energetic "advisors". For the mills, that makes a world of difference.

* I adore What Should I Read Next. But I'm currently picking up and putting books down after a chapter or two. Bah.

More bookcases -

* I cannot focus. We will know so much more after tomorrow, and I'm hoping that will be a new point from which to begin the next leg of this journey.

* I started Pilates reformer classes yesterday and already my back feels a zillion times better. The spinal lengthening that the reformer offers is so much more what I'm after than what I was getting out of yoga. I hope this works out. *fingers crossed*

* I'm not ready to discuss Suicide Squad's El Diablo. I'm just not. Damn. kittytoes, have you seen that chara?! I simply have got to sit down and e-publish the novella.

* We prefer vintage homes, D and I, and because of that we have never lived in a house with A/C...and it's HOT right now. If it's hot up here in the deep, dark woods...it must be a kind of scorched earth down in the valley. And because it's so bleeding hot, I'm playing dark synth to trick my mind into believing it's cold out....

Online relationships allow us to get to know one another at angle points. Let me use planar geometry for this analogy. We guide the rays of our opinions and thoughts, likes and dislikes, to the vertex and hone that small intersection and surprisingly it is these vertices in which we share commonalities. Online. Offline it is the length and angle of the rays which bring us to the point that unite us. So, it often follows that online we can be concise and sharp and pointed in our commonalities, and the more banal paths that bring us to those intersections become less important or the medium makes them impossible to grasp. There is an amazing one hundred and fifty year-old geometry novel which seems to have foreseen this issue of interaction - Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Aleister Crowley also used a geometry metaphor to explore the limitations of what we perceive with reality when he likened human existence to being on the bottom of a pail filled with water, looking up as various shapes are pressed into the surface of the water and what we see as a globe, a cone, a square, a diamond...You can see what a strong visual that lends to the problem of perception.

I've been ruminating over these ideas for a while because it is an election year in the states and election years combined with an online presence can be fraught with anger and shouting. We feel as though we are continually being stabbed in the eye with the sharp ends of other folks' opinions. And we are. BUT we need to step back and remember it is those same sharp ends that also prick familiarity when we agree, as they intersect with our own experiences. They come at us with the same lack of knowledge from whence that intersection began and how it traveled to that vertex.

So, if we are willing to enjoy the commonalities in our intersections based solely upon that intersecting point and nothing more, then it should follow that we are willing to see that some rays don't intersect with ours and that there is far more to that vertex than just the place in which it meets.

We are more than the sharp bits we point at each other, we are the long plane edges of our rays.

What I'm saying is, let's listen, let's remember we like each other, let's acknowledge that commonalities and differences, that friction, is what makes the world keep spinning.

I'll be back in a while with more concretized thoughts. And opinions.

kiss me hard before you go

* I'm considering a pilates reformer class. Any flisters doing that?

* If folks are ignoring the RNC on principle, then you missed Trump's AMAZING entrance on the first night, and THIS, friends, is political theatre of a kind we haven't had in the Americas since...well Levi Morton vs. Tammany Hall. Straight up.

* Marco Polo is having a strong second season. This show is pure MAN!PORN and has a cast of truly delectable warrior types. OMFG TOM WU, you must be mine. How is it that no one has snagged this guy for a modern Kung Fu flick??? And Lorenzo...is looking much more hunky this season...he filled out, or figured out his facial hair, or something. Anyway, totally enjoyable.

* More bookcase images. I could do this all summer. I have a lot of books -

* Working non-stop on the house. I have talked D into letting me transform the woodshed into a gardening shed and the mule shed into the woodshed...He thinks it's a great idea! Now, to start renovating. I'll take a "before" picture this week so you can watch the transformation. First off I'm going to stain it black to get a feel for how black exteriors would work for all the structures.

* This freaking eBay fiasco just won't end. GRRRR! I'm still breathing deeply through it but I feel that RAGE could be moments away and I don't want to react like that to smaller life irritants anymore, regardless of loss of hard-earned money/time. I have to go back down to the Post Office today and continue wrangling with them, although it's being claimed that my $30 shipping fee did not include insurance. *cries* It's all making my stomach hurt.

* I spent a bulk of the weekend finishing moving the craft room into the spare bedroom and preparing the emptied space for A Room Of My Own. I'm using temporary fixings to furnish it, but I have ideas of what I want in there permanently and it includes more bookcases.

* And I NEED more bookcases. Here's a sampling of some of the shelves in my loft. These are quick snaps on my phone for IG -

bookcases/personal libraryCollapse )

Has anyone else had LJ convert to html only???? What the hell is up with that?

* We've begun discussing Season One, Episode 2 of Penny Dreadful at verbis_diablo. I have so many thoughts but not enough time/energy to write them up. I've got to get my head back in the game.

tie me to the length of that

* I am in an ugly dispute with an Australian eBay seller. I was pretty damned excited to find two rare-ish Robert M. Place tarot prints two weeks ago and wrangled mightily with myself over the cost. But...I purchased them and asked the seller to combine shipping. Never heard from the seller so paid the $30 total shipping cost. Then the express mailperson took the stiff EMS package, folded it into thirds, shoved it into my mailbox, and scribbled an approximation of my name on the signature line and went back to work whistling. Destroyed. Now I'm dealing with the seller, eBay, PayPal, and my local Post Office. It's a drag. Apparently, no insurance was purchased. And the express mailperson is entirely in the wrong and in any other non-government employ would be relieved of employment, but no. The coverage on the package is 1/3 less than the worth of the contents. I can refuse the shipment because the package is unopened but then it goes back to the seller and I'm still wrangling with eBay and PayPal over my refund. I'm trying to be calm and collected about it but I feel stupid for spending the cash and angry at the Post Office and this rude seller. Ugh.

* All of that aside, I'm really enjoying my "everyday" Alchemical Tarot deck and the accompanying Alchemy and the Tarot book. And there's an app for the Sevenfold Tarot still available but that could disappear at anytime, so download if you have an interest!

* I'm readying myself for another round of submissions. I am still shopping the novella because I do believe in it...although I can see thin spots in its landscaping. I like the Death voice and I like most of Jakob's scenes....I also have a few stand-alone short pieces I think are worth showing folks. This process is a knife's edge kind of emotional experience.

* The world is a difficult place at the moment. Two things that are tangential to the main horrors which are holding my attention are the use of a robot to kill, and the desire to keep tortuous death of innocents by terrorists out of the public eye. So, I'm reading the news from an obtuse angle.