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there's a silver stream laid across the sky

* Beginning to ponder NaNo more seriously now. Head like a hive with all the buzzing and the trick will be to hone in on a particular idea. Or...a collection of particular ideas. I have a working title of "Letheon" and that feels like a small accomplishment. Heh. Shop Talk postings soon!

* Other than that, things are in a stasis type of place. Autumn is busy outside the doors and it's gorgeous. I'm reading books about writing rather than fiction. I'm watching silly Halloween-themed movies because that's what The Viking wants to do in the evenings so that he can fall asleep in his chair beside the woodstove. Taking long walks and trying to declutter. The fires have opened up good donation centers since so many have lost everything.

* I'm also casually playing around with two fanficcy things. The Originals and The Civil Wars. Nothing is really gelling yet, but I'm getting words down on paper.

* And that's it. What are you all up to?

this post brought to you by LJ scrapbook


My hair is long enough now for milkmaid braids. My favourite hairstyle! I'm still committed to growing my hair out long, long, long and so far so good.


I wrote a poem titled "An American In Paris"


Convo has been good but sporadic over at pathos_horror. I think I will post my summation thoughts this week.


We have a small herd of deer on the property. Here are the twin fawns on the berm behind the poolhouse. We used all the dirt taken out of the hole when we dug the pool to build a berm. The deer live behind that berm.

* Thanks for the suggestions for NaNo! I'm feeling a small spark! Keep them coming, if you have any more ideas! I'm going to begin pre-NaNo posting this coming week!

* 13 Reasons Why is hard. But I think it's worthwhile. I think it should be required in all high school health classes.


NaNo suggestions

I did this a handful of years ago - asked for prompts and suggestions for a NaNo project and it worked really, really well! I was just coming off writing the novella and was feeling tapped out in regards to story and character. I think something similar is happening now because of my three years of Idol-ing.

So, if YOU have a great idea for a character, or a story, or a setting and you're willing to gift it to me - please do so in the comments! Be as specific or as vague, brief or comprehensive as you want.

I need something to feed into the brain hopper!


you belong among the wildflowers

* Anyone else watching 13 Reasons Why? I think it's really, really good. I'm only halfway through, so it might go off the rails, but so far....Sure, I take a few exceptions to some of the premises, but overall, it's strong. I think this would be a really good series to watch as a family if you have middle school and high school children. It's one of those shows that I would love to discuss episode by episode. And again, another reason to lament the demise of LJ's fandomness. Where we used to actually do exactly that.

* Also, Riverdale has returned. And so much love.

* Which makes me wonder why all the shows are about highschool. Where are the ADULTS having adult experiences? Why is highschool so archetypal in America?

* Eye appointment this afternoon. I'm debating leaving contact lenses behind and moving into some sort of hipster tinted spectacle phase.

* So, of course the copy-editing job is morphing into Editor position....because of course it is. :( I'm not sure what decision I will make. The mag is actually for sale...although I think the senior citizen publisher might be a tad out of touch and I'm not sure if publishers are shopping for a printed publication.

* One more sculpture class and then we're set to return in November....but I'm the only one who wants to return. The other student is going to take the instructor's throwing class and I'm simply not interested in pottery. Folks are beginning to "take notice" in the studio of the stuff I've been sculpting...and yesterday I suddenly had FRIENDS. I mean, that's nice! But it feels a bit like pressure. The instructor wanted us to sculpt HIM yesterday so, that was fun! ;) I told him I would like to work with porcelain rather than the stoneware mix....and I think he's excited about that. He's had a two-year dry spell and is looking for inspiration to strike, so maybe the white goddess will help.

* Rain predicted for tomorrow and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready. Rain will also nudge the decidious trees into more colour as the season changes.

* Discussing the nauseating detailed violence of Stephen King's "IT" over at pathos_horror if you'd like to join us! We'd love to have you and your ruminations!

* We really had a wonderful and jam-packed week last week! It went by so fast and now Kidling1 is back in Arizona, and Kidling2 and his gf are moving into their own place, and the nights are early and the mornings are late and everything is in transition. But that's okay, that's what autumn is all about....moving out of the light and into the dark, saying goodbye, hunkering down and looking for warmth. I hosted a soups&stews afternoon here on Saturday and attempted to reach out to my family. Semi-successful. I guess...I'm being forced into this place in which I simply have to accept that everything has changed and nothing will ever return to the way it was. Not easy, but necessary.

* Not sure if I should pick up anything new to read so close to the month of writing. I do have a stack of inspirational things to read, to prepare, to ready. And I'm going to post about NaNo soon so that all of us who are planning on writing next month can band together, here and at the website.

* Netflix's Mindhunter is salacious and yet we can't seem to turn it off. What are folks watching that they can recommend?

home again home again jiggety jig

* We have returned from the coast! And had to drive through a frightening fire on 101. And it was horrid but nothing compared to what's happening further south, down in Wine Country. Terrible, terrible. Several fires burning around here, but nothing that threatens us. The air is dangerous and we all woke with headaches this morning.

* The night before we left for the ocean we went to a teensy circus! Fun! They had an amazing tent, but other than that it was pretty much amateur hour. Not that that bothers me. I'm all about circus no matter who or what or where. All of the performers also acted as hawkers during the intermission, so I was able to run after one of the two clowns as he was selling ginormous balloons and get this picture! The two clowns were actually amazing!

osorio clown.jpg

* Trying out LJ's scrapbook feature -


A wonderful old Catholic cemetery on the coast. Mainly Irish loggers -


* I have finished "IT" and have opinions and thoughts. I'll be posting over in pathos_horror tomorrow morning.

* I'm trying to begin seeding something for NaNo. Not sure yet what is going to take root.
* Things are going to be very busy here for the next week. Kidling2 and his gf flew out to Iowa yesterday for a week's vacay with her family. Kidling1 is flying in today for a week vacay from law school. I'm almost out the door to pick her up and then we're going to a teensy circus tonight!!! SOOOOOOOOOO excited about that. Tomorrow we'll leave mid-day for the coast! And I'm triply excited about THAT! Back on Tuesday and she has to churn out a 25 page draft and I have to work on sculpture and The Viking has to go hunting. Then Kidling2 is back and we're planning a family something or other here next Saturday.

* Nice to have so much to do, but it does cut into my "IT" literary dissection which is going on over at pathos_horror!! We've had some good conversations and so far are only officially discussing the opening chapter! Ha! But it's time to jump in entirely and I trust the comm members over there to keep that going. ashbet has already begun a discussion about the "seven"! Check it out!

* I'm trying to outline some ideas for NaNo. I will begin shop-talking after this week.

* I have a longish post begun about art and community. The sculpting class has had me thinking about how art requires community. Even writing! I'll dive into that next week, too.

* I enjoyed "To The Bone". But I do love Keanu above most actors. I thought they dealt well with the subject matter and use of anorexic body doubles.

I just really love this guy's earnestness -


* Here's the thing. Don't despair. Find your center in other people, in good deeds, in making a difference. Donate or volunteer. Make a difference, effect change, where you can with what you have. Puerto Rico needs donations, politics needs activism, and I believe the universe needs positivity. Be tender to one another but be firm in your convictions.

* Not a good time to be reading horror, admittedly. Perhaps....after we finish Stephen King's "IT" we should try for a collective read of something inspiring? Anyway, we ARE discussing horror and narrative story-telling, childhood, and clowns over at pathos_horror. Maybe we can focus on the "pathos" aspect of horror this terrible week? We would love to see more voices. Join us! I'm nearly finished with this brick of a book and thoughts, I haz 'em.

* Kids got their apartment! Big life changes for both of them.

* Escaping to OCEAN next week and I cannot wait.

* Mid-October or so let's begin shop talking and rally around a good launch into NaNoWriMo!

* One of my sisters' first album purchases was when Damn the Torpedoes was released. Petty's voice will always remind me of younger days. RIP Tom. I love this song -


* Definitely chilly in the mornings now. I'm cold. But the backdoor is open because the dogs prefer it that way. :) It's a layering time of year, however I will still be overdressed for the valley as the temperature difference is about fifteen to twenty degrees!

* We are in the flyzone of CalFire and they've got a big one about forty miles from here. Helicopters and retardent planes keep buzzing overhead. We can't see the smoke from here but continue to get panicked texts from folks in the valley who swear it looks as though this ridge is ablaze. The fire is over where the men mancamp and they were going to head over there this weekend for a trail cleaning day and night barbecue but that's going to be off now. I've been trying to get better about preparedeness but when the texts began last night and I slightly panicked, I realized I'm STILL not ready. I need to move this to the top of my "to do" list.

* Halfway through "IT" and looking forward to discussing next week. I guess....I'm slightly disappointed that it isn't scary at all on a reread? I don't know, we'll talk about that and more over at pathos_horror in October! Join us!

* Although I am committed to LJ and would back an LJ Rennaissance, I gotta say that this Photobucket fuckery is making me upset. I want to share photos and I want my zillion photos off of that website. And I don't want any more emails telling me to upgrade to the $400 a year plan!!! WTF? Are you serious, Photobucket?

* Kidling2 and his gf are cementing their reconcilliation by moving into their own apartment. I'm nervous for them....but they are determined, so we shall see. It frees the poolhouse apartment back up and we may have several guests for the holidays so that's on my "to do" list as well.

* Jumped into figurative work this week in the sculpture class and it felt like coming home. Strangely, I'm deep into my first bust piece and it seems to be another Crone. I'm not sure why that is such an archetype for me. I'm surreptiously using my 74 year old classmate to model from. I hope she doesn't notice....overtly. Her bust was interesting. Something folks don't realize is that sculptors almost always sculpt themselves in one way or another. Although slightly abstract and amatuerish, her bust looks just like her! I have a picture...but of course...can't embed it. GRRRRRR. The instructor is suggesting we make the class...I don't remember the word for this....continuous? Where we just sign up again every six weeks and keep working. I LOVE THAT IDEA!! But I need to settle on a medium first. I've been thinking clay...although firing and glazing are more complicated than I am looking for right now...I've also been considering epoxy which is something I could do here at the house. Decisions! It has been inspiring to be in that gorgeous studio with the energy of all the artists coming and going as they work. And I could be tempted into teaching again. "Woman as Vessel" is a good two-part class but we would need a live model....and privacy. I may or may not suggest this to the owner.

* We are watching "Manhunt" on Netflix, a dramatization of how the FBI caught the Unabomber. It makes me so terribly sad because I know Ted has Asperger Syndrome. It's hard to watch this....

* I'm dipping a toe into fanfic. It's been many years since I have written fic. Right now it's all about The Originals. I'm bummed out that Season 5 is going to be their last. I really have gotten attached to these crazy vampires and werewolves.