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and we bought a cage and two singing birds

Working on a very small piece for Idol. I'm over the prompt, over that band, that lyric, the strange and compelling dichotomy of so many of Iron&Wine's songs. What are they doing now? What happened to our little neofolk wave on these shores? Anyway, yes, a small piece because my brain box is filled to overflowing with Wedding. So close now! Putting the final spit and polish on the thing and that's exciting. I'm on a crash nerve diet and that's okay, as long as I get enough protein. I'm really happy/relieved to have used the wedding as an excuse to take off this pesky post-meno 15 pounds. I feel like myself again. My clothes fit again, my joints don't hurt, my gut is calm, and no more headaches from over-indulging in sugar. Plus now I have those older woman yoga arms, all bicep and sinew and jutting shoulder ball and I kind of like that.

Found a new-to-me writer and I'm really into her! Sarah Moss. I read Ghost Wall but am going to pick up a few more titles after the holidays. In real book format. I don't care for the e-reader, at all. Has anyone read this slim story? Thoughts, I haz 'em.

Most know my love for movies about dancers and last night I scored big with Birds of Paradise. Again, would LOVE to discuss. I think the reviewers are getting it wrong for the most part. It was lovely and hurty and omg the dancing! There is one scene, amongst so many, that will just haunt me forever, so so so gorgeous.

Nikon is hosting an all-day event tomorrow to launch the new Z!!!! OMG!!!! You guys! I cannot wait to get this into my grabby greedy hands. I'm going to buy one of the Z lenses and an adapter. I have so much Nikon glass. But I've talked myself out of the D6 and into mirrorless. Exciting!

Little known fact - Warren Ellis is the most beautiful man in rock and roll. 

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The first Idol Minor prompt is up! Due next Monday! I really encourage the writers on my flist to join in on the fun. There is absolutely NO PRESSURE in this because there is NO VOTING! That means we are writing for comments and to be part of the Idol community. All types of words are welcome - short stories, flash fiction, novel chapters, poetry, song lyrics. 

If you do decide to check it out, make sure to join the comm and then read the first post this morning - the Playground post. 

Hope to see you there! 

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Idol returns!


[community profile] therealljidol  is returning!!! Next Monday! And this time, it's unbelivably, painfree! No one is going home! It's an Idol Minor but for adults. Or what we approximate ourselves to be. Who knows in these wacky modern times. Anyway. If YOU are a writer and you LOVE to write to prompts and you DEEPLY enjoy others reading your work and you ENJOY reading the work of others, then this is the place for you! Read more here.

And for those who live for the cutthroat Idol, well, it's coming back in 2022 over at LJ! 

*begins finger exercises*

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bullety bullet points

* It's RAINING like a broken tap and it's glorious! We are well out of fire danger now and I bid fire season goodbye with a one-finger salute. I'm so tired of this state. But  now? Now it's fantastic! The woods are so wet, great clouds of mist are blowing out of the tall conifer tops and moving through the forest like good rain dogs. The dogwoods are all ablaze - oranges and reds and a little pink. The ground is just a carpet of orange leaves and needles. And the sound! Lovely lovely. And slightly frightening when the winds become gusts and shake the roof of the woods. 

* The bridal shower I hosted was last Saturday and it really was wonderful. I had so much help from the matron of honor and I could not have done it without her. We had a great time. As with all human mixing of folks, a couple seemed off. Kidling1's future MiL may have some sort of anxiety disorder that presents in a strangely offensive manner. My sister's children have definitely gone through some sort of Covid/hormonal trauma which is causing them to act and dress in the most horrible of ways. I can't offer a word of advice because my sister takes all parenting opining as a direct and brutal assessment of her skills. Needless to say, the girls would have been happier at home and I don't know why, for the life of me, I keep trying to put my arms around that family. Overall, though, a very very nice afternoon. 

* Nikon is teasing the flagship Z! And I can hardly stand it. I want to preorder it NOW. Like RIGHT THIS MOMENT. Can't wait. 

* So many images in the post-processing queue and I'm feeling meh about them all. A few are standing out, but overall I just can't seem to be bothered. Not sure what that is all about. 

* Waiting for some sort of return of The Real LJ Idol! My fingers are beginning to itch.

* Someone on IG was analysing BtVS for being 100% death oriented and a lot of what she said rang true to my long-ago memory but some of it didn't, so I actually sat down and watched the first five episodes last night and I'll be damned. The show is 100% death-oriented. 

* Waiting impatiently for Nick Cave's second B-sides & Rarities installment to arrive. 

* We've got nothing to watch and what we're attempting to watch has been bad bad bad. 

* Hmmm. That's all I got right now. 

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your love can't hold this wreath of sorrows

Two images of two of Jerry's apples from off his 100 year old apple tree. Planted back when this village was the premier non-irrigated apple orchard. This month marks five years since J went missing.

I know I've promised Oregon and wedding photos and I will get them posted. But the Busyness. Had to spend Sunday night up at Kidling1's because of Dress Fitting early Monday. And I'm glad I went. Decisions needed to be made. Also bonus hemming for my dress!

Came home to no power. A planned power outage. Which I am NOT complaining about. If PG&E kills people with their faulty equipment, then please turn it the f off. But that made for a long two days. Anyway, it's back on now, but high gusty winds are being predicted for tomorrow. It's a lot of work for PG&E to turn off the power to thousands of folx, so not sure we will have electricity tomorrow or not.

With no power and up at 5 a.m. I opted to pluck something from the tottering To Read pile and I'm so happy I did. Simone de Beauvoir's "lost novel" of one of the most powerful loves of her life. The Inseprables. Lovely and thought-provoking and just hinting at the thanatophobia that haunted her for all of her life. A quick read, less than two hours, and so worth it.

Spending time with Of the Wand and the Moon's latest outing. It is not The Lone Descent, but then and honestly how could any album ever ever be? I'm beginning to find my way inside. If The Lone Descent was just that - our lone journey. Then this is about those things we can do together and what that means to our Living Time. 

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mongers of pain

Returned and rested. A long trip, a ton of driving, and so much visiting. Plus our eye/brain connection is tired from all the SEEING of new things. We took the east side of Oregon to the Columbia and then just DRANK in the beauty of that area, driving across the Hood River bridge into Washington was a besotted affair of trees and gorges and water and sky. The mountains are gods and goddesses without question. Just gorgeous beyond words, as you can tell. LOL. Wedding and assorted events were fun. Our family hung together and his family hung together and I guess that's the way it goes. So we didn't make any new friends, except for the officiant who made me weep and read Mary Oliver movingly and I found him afterwards and gushed all over him and told him I'm a wedding photographer and a deepsouled fan of modern poetry and I know of what I speak and told him he should hang a shingle because the neo-wedding needs more good officiants. Not a dry eye in the place and not a heart that didn't quicken. He was THAT good. 

I oftentimes get frustrated at how seldom we tell our fellow humans about their perceived gifts. Why keep it a secret? Why not celebrate it, within reason. 

I've got a ton of pix and will post a photo dump later. Worked all day long yesterday trying to catch back up and today belongs to me. 

Hope all had a good weekend. We did finish Midnight Mass if folx want to discuss in comments. Thoughts, I haz 'em.

Autumn is here, we brought it back with us from the north. Time to queue up Your Funeral, My Trial. And give Of the Wand & the Moon a rest until Kim's new album arrives.

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