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Writing, stealing, touching, gesturing, making objects. All violations dependent upon what, who, when, where. Never why. There was no allowance of explanation. JudgeJury said so.

Crime was arbitrary, penalty exacting.

HammerHand. Bringer of the pain and deformation. He had all his fingers and both his thumbs. The hammer handle fitted soundly in his fist. His job to swing it and bring it down.

At first, the infliction of the sentence had been performed in seclusion. A site of nightmare that no punished could recall because the body flooded with pain and all memory save physical torment drowned itself deep in the mind .

But, soon, the castigation became a public visitation. Perhaps JudgeJury believed it would act as a curb, or perhaps JudgeJury wanted to assume the position of LordCommander because LordCommander so seldom spent time in this place where they lived out their little lives.

Concrete cracked, stone flaked, metal dented, wood splintered. Many a choice had to be discarded as useless when broken. HammerHand directed a group of old women to drag a long piece of steel I-beam into the public place. After he dismissed them, he put one foot up on it and smoked a hand-rolled, looking about to see if anyone was watching the figure he cut.

They tried not to cover their eyes. It was an infraction.

Once the punishments began to be meted in public, the square became intolerable because of the vomit and the blood and the feces. The human-animal retches when forced to partake in a horror. The sounds of agony settle in, and the ears are hard to stopper. Fear fills the lungs uncomfortably full with each gulping breath, pressing heavily on the heart.

HammerHand relished his work. Each nail a study in decimation. The skill of studious application.

When it became apparent that the crippling of the craftsmen was injurious to the community as an entity, shoes were removed.
* No power, no internet. It was a long outage and this little village is going to have to get insistent that AT&T bring a generator up to power their lines. PG&E says these outages are going to continue until the rainy season and that could be January. I don't have an issue with the power being turned off. Obviously PG&E's equipment is unsafe and they don't have the money/time/desire to fix this safety issue, so, yes, don't electrify dangerous equipment during Red Flag Days. We have a generator, we have a woodstove, we have candles. But we need internet so we can have a phone! So we can continue working! So we can stay current with the outside world!

* Peaky Blinders, my heart! No spoilers here, but in comments? Who else loves this show above all other shows?! And El Camino? Perfection! I smiled through my tears.

* My mother-in-law asked me about my fave authors and she wrote them down. She had never read any of them. She just texted me about Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Her mind has been blown and widened and obsessed. Rightfully so. I tend to not rec Cormac because of his nihlistic fatalism but she did ask sincerely.

* Struggling with this week's Idol prompt. My takeaway is I need a bigger tool box. LOL.


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