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July 17th, 2018

now some of us are weak, and some endure

* I know I've been quiet, in comments and posting. AND in responding to the second prompt. It's all discouraging. I need to begin setting out concrete plans so that things can get done. Lots of attempts, very little finishings. I'm currently feeling very low.

* First plan of the day - write to the prompt and have it posted tomorrow.

* I'm drifting. I can feel this and I can't seem to apply the brakes or steer out of it. Just completely at the whim of g-forces.

* The residual stress and anxiety in the house is almost unbearable. We are at the one-week countdown today for the Bar Exam. A week from today, Kidling1 will be two hours away taking the first day's exam. She had a panic attack yesterday and it took about an hour to talk her down and help her find a center again. I've never seen anyone work this hard for anything.

* My mother is with my sister for a ten day family reunion camp-a-looza her husband's family throws every July. This is good. But she struggles terribly coming home to her life again. She has some things scheduled for next week and then the week after we move Kidling1 into her place, so that's two solid weeks of activities. She needs to stay busy.

* The Kings' book isn't working for me. So, I'm leaving it for a while, maybe for good, not sure yet. But I am reading a few other things. I like to lurk in the Bloodmilk Book Club and just finished one of the two current selections. Fun Home by Alison Bechdal is a super fast graphic biographical novel. I used to devour graphic novels and still have a soft spot for them. (I would attest that Gaiman's Sandman series is a literary masterpiece.) This one is good, the artwork persuasive, and the story well-told and humanly tragic. I think quite a few flisters would enjoy it. There are literal parallels drawn that are quite thought-provoking, but for the most part, it's a YA type of read. And that's my problem with the second choice - We'll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down by Rachel Hanel. It's almost inspidily juvenile and I'm struggling to get through it. There are good books out there about undertakers. Thomas Lynch's work in particular is gorgeous and moving and adult-fare. I am purposefully slowly devouring the very beautiful The Seas by Samantha Hunt for its re-release. It's the type of hip first-person tale I resonate with.

* Working on learning the letterpress! That's been both fun and aggravating. I wish I lived closer to urban offerings sometimes. Not always but sometimes, like when I'm obsessed with an odd hobby.

* That's about it for me right now. Big cycles, little cycles, the phasic movements of entwined lives.


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