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September 17th, 2018

exit wounds of light

* Nick Cave has gone from solitary gloom poet to community-minded philospher poet. And that's fine, of course! It's a bit of a paradigm shift for me, having followed his vitrolic and isolated ways for 35 years now...but I get it. I really do. The death of his child has broken his heart open. Death has that capability, doesn't it? He's been venerated for a long time now and new fans want more and he's decided to give them more. I don't see myself, personally, going to any stadium show of his. That would be asking too much. But I will never ever not pre-order his work and buy his limited editons and follow him on social media. Just recently he's decided to speak directly with his fans via an email list. This week was the first installment and he sent out a hugely moving missive. It was both tragic and true and incredibly inspirational to me. Here's a bit of it -

What is at the centre of our lives? In an artist’s case (and perhaps it is the same for everybody) I would say it is a sense of wonder. Creative people in general have an acute propensity for wonder. Great trauma can rob us of this, the ability to be awed by things. Everything loses its sheen and appears beyond our reach. We were surviving, but we were surviving in exile on the perimeter of our lives, way beyond anything that mattered.


We all needed to draw ourselves back to a state of wonder. My way was to write myself there. I sat and wrote and wrote, and in doing so I found a way back, or at least a way through the veil of grief, to the other side. I felt very strongly that the communal suffering, and our ability to transcend it, was the thing that held us together. This was not some pessimistic worldview, quite the opposite really. It became clear that as human beings we have enormous capabilities that allow us to rise above our suffering – that we are hardwired for transcendence. This was an acute realisation that changed the nature of our relationship to everything.

* I must must must find a way back to the keyboard. I feel this in the same way one feels a need for anything, a hot shower, a couple of aspirin, a restful sleep, a long walk....Soon.

* I'm working on a digital slideshow for my father's memorial dinner after the burial at Arlington in November. It's both heart-rending and celebratory. A strange combination of emotions. Has anyone here put one together? Any advice? Have you seen one that you felt was particularly moving, or perhaps not? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

* Circus came to town this past weekend. So much love -





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