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September 20th, 2018

a dream and a book and a song

* Dreamt I was carrying Judge Kavanaugh's unborn child. Not sure what our relationship was exactly, but the emphasis was on the fact that his UNBORN child was within my womb. Important. We were also being held against our will by a mob and knew they were going to kill us on live TV. I knew in the dream I was going to be shot in the head...but for some reason was more worried about the UNBORN dying a slower death than I would. While the mob was whipping itself into a blood-thirsty frenzy, they had the judge seated at a banquet table in the middle of an intersection and were spending time questioning him about their education, their highschool grasp of legal matters. He was stoic and answering each question thoughtfully.

I willed myself awake.

* When I'm not getting recced the BESTEST books from ryl, then I'm finding them on Instagram. Who knew? That's how I discovered Samantha Hunt and her astonishing The Seas. I did pick up all her other published work and it wasn't up to the level of The Seas, but still so good! Now I've been turned onto Maria Headley and her amazing The Mere Wife! I always wanted to do a modern take on Beowulf...so this really speaks to me. So much poetry, imagery and TRUTH. I'm loving this so far. But I'm also prepared for a crapped out ending because one thing I've come to accept is that endings seldom deliver as one would hope, and I'm not sure that's just literature.

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