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September 21st, 2018

they told us our gods would outlive us

* The Real LJ Idol has returned and it isn't on LiveJournal! It's over at DreamWidth. DW isn't intuitive for me. It feels clunky. And vastly empty, but alas, so does LJ these days. Just a vast, unoccupied space. Anyway. Looks as though some familiar names are returning, some new names perhaps, too. I need to sit with this a while and ponder my ability to write creatively. I know that I produce when I write to a deadline, it's the stuckness of the creative gears that has me pausing.

* I have been writing non-fiction to a deadline for the past calendar year. Last month I was offered a monthly column position on the magazine and I accepted. I'm still doing a ton of copy-editing and random article penning, but a column! I have been a columnist before, long long ago and it's a friendly sort of job. People want you to come to their gatherings when they know you have a byline. You can also get a bit of an ego as a columnist but with small-town work it's easy to keep it in perspective. No Pulitzers for interviewing the guy who shot a hole-in-one in his backyard golfcourse.

* It's Autumn!!! Happy Fall, flist! I'm ready for some cleansing rain.

* I have become a quiet person.

* Not enjoying this final season of The Originals. The story is weak, but it's more the finality of decisions. It would be GREAT fodder for fandom...but we all know how out of tune that tired song has become now.


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