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October 8th, 2018

* A very heartfelt "thank you" to all who have read my first foray back into creative writing since my father's death. I am feeling that "to start anew" is drawing closer. Writing creatively this past week assures me that this is so. Returning to life, out of a year of mourning, but not the same. Never the same. And that's okay, too.

Here was my starting draft for the prompt -

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."

Death will beat us all one day; even the person who won’t give up.

My beloved father, beaten black and blue by his dying, didn’t give up but his body did. And last November, when death’s pummeling fist became an outstretched hand, he reached up and took it.

But then I woke last Thursday morning with this image from my childhood seared into my frontal lobe and I wrote around the visual. It felt daunting, so I decided to write it under a nom de plume. And lo and behold, using another writer's head, one whose father was perhaps still alive, had the piece completed in short order. But after it was finished....I simply took ownership of it and took another step forward, maybe out of this terrible year and into something more healing. 

* Arriving to the party very late with these two, but we watched Dallas Buyer's Club last week. WOW! Leto is an insane talent and should be utilized more. Then we finally dipped into Blacklist and now CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT. I think it is difficult for those who didn't grow up in the 80's to understand what a FREAKING heartthrob Spader was. A bad boy with a smirk and a blonde forelock and a sarcastic delivery that made him even more wicked and beautiful. Has he lost that? According to Kidling1 absolutely. But D and I are enjoying watching him work and sling his lines around like whip cracks and smile that crazy crooked grin that hasn't changed a bit. He reminds me of all the lost boys of my misspent youth who are getting drunk in bars and wondering why they no longer have to beat off the women and opportunities and friends and good times. Anyway, the show is actually hilarious and entertaining. Each episode could be another show's entire season. 

* Knitting a scarecrow. 

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