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January 14th, 2019

* We have both kids at home right now. Makes things a bit upside down and plays havoc with my shopping, cooking, cleaning routines! Getting ready to move Kidling1 up to her New Life this Friday and then Kidling2 will take over the pool house apartment because her stuff will be out of there, his stuff will be in there and we will get the guest room and the library/loft back in order. Right?! 

* True Detective Season 3!!! Be still, my TD-lovin' heart. Such a relief and a joy to see the show emulating the astonishing masterpiece that is TD S1! Which we just did a marathon rewatch of Friday and Saturday in anticipation of the premiere of S3 last night. Let us never talk of S2 again. One of the most poignant successes of S1 is the timeline. The ageing, the youthing....that's what makes the piece work on such a deeply recognizable level. S3 is choosing this same format and it's gloriously well done. I am not a huge fan of thriller mysteries, I'm more about character and introspection and so far S3 is delivering in the same way S1 does. 

* Less busy week, my articles last week kicked my behind. My editor is a FLAKE and working with her is exactly like herding ducks. But I got three articles inteviewed and written, my LJ piece written, and my domestic chores attended to. Not bad. This week I have another LJ piece which is a good prompt but not my style. And staying with my mother for two days mid-week, then the big move this weekend. Life continues to be interesting. 

We sang this song throughout our childhoods and wondered why the lovers would never meet again and why the low road would get ye there first. For Murielle -

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