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January 22nd, 2019

We had a strange and unsettling weekend. Two things, both maddening and a bit mind-blowing, one is rectifiable the other is not. 

The first is Kidling1's new place. After doing all the "right" things to insure that she would be settled before her CAREER begins today, we spent two exhausting days moving her, only to find the pricey apartment was in no way ready for occupation Saturday when we arrived mid-day. Not only was it unclean with burnt out light bulbs and no smoke detectors, we were hit like a sledge hammer by the overpowering odor of sewer vent. OMFG. The manager and landlord attempted to act shocked but the more we talked the more it became apparent that this is an issue they have been grappling. There was no explanation about the condition. We HAD to move her in because we had a U-Haul and were two hours away from home. They did offer her use of their AirBnB apartment down the hall....but uh, okay? She remained calm and has been handling it well. My baby done growed herself up when she was in Phoenix for three years. She got the place professionally cleaned yesterday and this morning a plumber is coming. She spent most of yesterday morning out looking for another apartment only to come up very frustrated because the two wildfires have added to an already stressed housing issue in the area. So, she got very firm with the landlord and he said they would give her the odor-free double unit down the hall for the same price. That's great, but means I will have to go up there this weekend and help her out. The menfolk already have plans. 

I only wanted to make sure that she stayed centered and focused for today, for this week, for the new beginnings. But she was actually less stressed than I was, simply said she doesn't have time for it. I need to begin learning from my children.

The second is a seriously fucked up thing. You all remember the sad story of my 83 year old neighbor and D's friend who went missing two years ago. His cabin and gorgeous acreage abuts our place and we've been keeping an eye on it, wondering if a death certificate would foreclose it so we could purchase. We have always loved it, tried to purchase it when J was alive but couldn't get a loan because it has no foundation, just giant river stones. LOL! Anyway, we knew the Camp Fire was going to bring "elements" into the area, we just didn't know it would be so close to home. Friday, some scrumblers moved in. They had been trolling tax records and paying off delinquent property taxes and beginning the adverse possession of various properties. J's is one of them. They moved in and began breaking into all his outbuildings, garage, trailer. By Saturday afternoon all his stuff was thrown out on the yard or sold. They chained up their pit bull and posted No Trespassing signs everywhere. They won't answer the door. All his guns were in there, his THINGS. It's sickening. The Sheriff's office is saying No Victim, No Crime. D is heartbroken. 

Now, we have to live next door to them. For. The. Rest. Of. Our. Lives.


I will return ready to discuss True Detective S3 or Blacklist S6. 

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