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January 26th, 2019

* Happy/sad with my Idol piece this week.

Happy because it came together rather quickly once I had "seeded" it to dream the night before. This is a new technique I've been working with, trusting the process, or giving over to the Muse. My Muse has shifted, too, that goat-footed boy...but I will talk more about that another time. The seeding works the same as any seeded dream. I spend five to ten minutes before I fall asleep with the prompt and some googling and then let my subconscious take hold of it and follow that around for a while. Invariably I wake in the earliest hours with Ideas and Images, Thoughts and Characters, Scenes and Lines and then I type all that into the Notes program on my iphone and send it to my email so that I can read it when I wake. I have not yet been unsurprised by what I find in that sleepy email. It's a strange technique but it is a technique. When I try to consciously plot and populate a piece of fiction, I have not been able or capable. I'm wondering if it's because I'm writing so much non-fiction these days which requires a very honed conscious intent. 

Sad because that sort of grief is becoming my mother's complicated grief and things are bad again. 

* Jerry's cabin. Things went upside down fast and D got smokin' hot enraged and then took over for the entire road. Cops got more involved, detectives consulted, legal counsel phoned, Jerry's niece was found and drove three hours up here, we discovered who planted this fucken idea in this tweaker's head, and then FINALLY the cops were still saying that only Jerry could be the victim and regardless of the fact that he's dead up on the mountain he isn't here to claim victim status and then lo and behold they discovered a crack pipe and meth on this scrumbler AFTER he threw more of Jerry's stuff out the door - mattress, clothing, food, cooking items. The saws, the guns, the air compressor are all gone. The firewood has been moved down to this dirtbag's mother's house she is renting at the end of the road. The deputies cut a deal with the loser saying they would only cite him for the drugs if he would get out of Jerry's house, so apparently he's gone. But this was Thursday. Yesterday, D and the other men on the road went over there and fully contained the property because this guy had left all the lights on and a brand new widescreen TV mounted to the wall on at full blast, so they turned all that off, screwed the door shut and locked the gate. The niece is trying desperately to find a probate lawyer. And that's where it stands today. 

* Kidling1's apartment woes got worse and then got better. She's moving AGAIN this next Saturday to a very nice modern apartment complex with all the amenities and her attempt to live the hip boho life downtown are on hold. She's okay with this because she has become actually frightened of the management and has been staying in a hotel! And I think her fears are founded because the first morning at the hotel the manager texted her and said he saw her car at the hotel and he was sorry. OMFG, WUT??? This town is known for it's bizarre religious cult element and we are thinking these folks are part of that. Anyway, she does LOVE the job and says she would have zero time for hipster past times because she has to focus on her career now and the learning curve should be months. We will be moving her next weekend and we will all be able to sleep soundly after that.

* Remember when we were all going nuts for Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale? Well before things got cuckoo here, I had begun her new Once Upon a River and it's fantabulous! I'm anxious to get back to it. 

* And I really do want to hold forth about True Detective S3! 

Kidling2 and I are trying to master this left-hand. Fun!

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