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January 29th, 2019


This is not ME asking YOU to do my homework....but I do have a large article on the boards about frugality. Especially frugality in the home. And I'm wondering....

I am one of those people who enjoy being frugal, as does D, so we are matched that way. It has allowed us to pay off our house - THIS YEAR! But it has also meant no car payments which means no snazzy vehicle, no credit card debt which can mean no snazzy holidays, no dining out, no cable TV, no shiny-off-the-floor new things. In short, not much snazz. Lol.

At this point in our lives, being frugal is just practicality, but early on, it was necessity. I worked very, very hard at it.  

What are some of your most favourite frugal tips? My editor suggested those wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets and I thought to myself - AMATEUR - because as the frugal amongst us know, a dryer is NOT frugal. Line dry those togs, bitches, or hang them in your laundry room. 

THE most cost-saving thing we've done in the house was install a hot-water-on-demand water heater, or a tankless water heater. It was pricey out the door - $1,000, we found one on clearance $890, and convinced the Lowe's guy to sell it with another 10% off because it was open box, and we had a coupon, too. :)  D installed it himself. Our electricity bills were hovering around $300 a month because we did not have gas or propane, only electricity and the hot water heater was killing us. D tried keeping it on a timer but the reduction was not very deep. The tankless heater dropped our bills $200 a month. I kid you not. And we got the added bonus of finally installing propane.

The most expensive thing I, personally, have ever purchased was my Hasselblad gear when I went pro. I started out with second-hand equipment and then finally signed up for a 12 month no interest loan from Hasselblad and paid off my new gear in a year's time. I only paid it off with the cash coming in from portrait/wedding work. 

We purchase our beef by the side from a local butcher who takes exquisite and kind care of his steer. It saves us thousands of dollars and lasts about three years. 

One thing I dig about frugality is that it oftentimes means greener healthier alternatives.

Again, tell me what YOU do to be frugal! 

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