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February 5th, 2019

It snowed!


And snow dog is happy! This is his happy face! 

* So, we moved Kidling1 twice in two weeks and both times it was in a torrential downpour. But she's settled NOW and we have our money back and she's happy and can focus on her job. First paycheck this week and she will have to begin paying us back for the accrued cost of living past graduation. She got a full ride to ASU, so that's not an issue, thank goodness. Unlike her cousin who graduated medical school the same time and is now in her residency with a waitforit loan nearing $300K and just now decided to wellwhythehellnot get pregnant. This girl is an OB/GYN specialist so this was no accident. Ever since she was a wee girl she's wanted to be a stay at home mom with a mess of kids, and now she's almost 30, married to a Navy Seal, in the first year of her residency, and....well...I'm a bit stunned. I think we are selling women a load of crap when we tell them they can and should have it all, because you literally can't. And that's not being anti-feminist, it's being realistic. Unless you want to embrace a kind of Zionism wherein you produce a baby and those women best suited to raising it raise it while you return to what you are best suited to. I wish the best for these two kids but I, personally, can't envision it. 

* Had a huge assignment this past weekend that I polished up at five this morning. A time that suits me! I was up with the men as they were getting ready to leave for the Bay and there was SNOW and they made me a fire and I had coffee and a small dog and this article, so it was an enjoyable time. I think I need to commit to five am every day and get back into the writing saddle. I have finally decided that I've missed it and I want to return to it in full. Besides, there are SO MANY submission opportunities in these modern times and that makes it as much fun as writing for A03 used to be!

* So far the tweakers seem to be steering clear of Jerry's place. We keep checking on it every few hours. D has told the niece that he wants to purchase and is willing to hire a probate attorney for her. I think the harsh truth is that he's going to have to be the one to hike up the mountain and find what remains. The police really don't seem to care. 

* I drank the KoolAid and mainlined "A Discovery of Witches." And it was GOOD! I had read the first in the trilogy when it came out and literally threw it straight into the garbage I was so incensed by the cliffie. But the show is better suited to that sort of break in the story. Not a huge fan of either main actor but the supportings are wonderful and these two work together well, so it doesn't abrade. Anyone else watch it? 

* Found Tobias Wolff's "In the Garden of the North American Martyrs" at the thrift store last week and read it this morning and OMFG. My dark heart adores him so much! He is a GENIUS and his short stories are stunning. Something to aspire to certainly. 

Then there's this -

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