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February 18th, 2019

requisite request for votes!

* We are down to 16 Idol writers! It's one of those things that feels simultaneously as though we just started last week and we stared a millenniaago. LOL. I love The Real LJ Idol! I mean, I really really love it. The writing, the reading, the prompt-based anxiety. I have nearly 150 pieces of writing because of my time in this crazy rollercoaster of a writing ride. That's a gift to a writer, it really is. 

Anyway, this week I revisited one of my favourite topics - pioneer women! If you enjoyed that small fic, please click through and vote! Also, if you are so inclined to read and comment and vote for other GREAT writers, you can access each entry via the poll -


Thank you!

* Stepped on my Kindle in the middle of the night because it was on the floor and because the silly LittleDog needed to go in an out of the house two gazillion times. I was literally sleepwalking the last time and bammo! ruined the Kindle. They aren't pricey - $40, but still. 

* Speaking of electronic devices, I haven't told you all how CRAZY I am about the gift my mother gave me for Christmas - an Instant Pot!!! OMG, peeps! You all NEED this kitchen appliance. I haven't been this mad for a kitchen doodad since I got my KitchenAid stand mixer. I will be getting rid of my big crock pot. I still use the smaller size (that I got for a wedding gift) for drinks and such. But this Instant Pot is the shizz. An electronic pressure cooker! I have been using this four times a week since the beginning of the year and continue to be amazed and impressed by it each time. I really recommend this product!

Such a treat to hear Nick -

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