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March 11th, 2019

* Bear with me, o'flist. We have FIVE prompts for Idol that are all due tomorrow and I am four down one to go. Combining these five with the crazy amount of writing and editing work I had last week, I am in a fog of words. I am pretty chuffed about my "Salad Days" piece, though, in particular. I have an IDEA for the last prompt but not sure it's going to work the way I want it to. That's on for today.

* We are coming off a long couple of weeks of rain and then last week was snow and rain and sleet. Today it's considerably warmer and that burning yellow thing in the sky (a God?) has returned. It's rejuvenating. Also, daylight savings time and when in the hell are we going to realize how stupid this time crap is and just put a stop to it? 

* I became a great-aunt over the weekend and of course I'm thrilled and yadayada but I'm also deeply sad. Life is an incomprehensible thing. I remember when this new daddy was a babe in arms and how exciting everything was and how bright and how the future just seemed to be this wide stretch of forever. 

* I miss my dad.

* My mother has definitely stabilized on the mood stabilizer. Which, I suppose, is how that works. But she remains fragile and her loneliness is dangerous and deep. Terrible really. She's begun talking about moving. I'm not sure if this is a Jungian desire....or if she seriously believes at 79 that a new life awaits her in a retirement community. She could, conceivably split the year into three sections and spend that time with each of her daughters. We would have to build something up here, but my sisters both have guest wings in their homes. Kidling1 wants to travel, now that she's a working gal, and my mother is always up for travel, so maybe just having some things on the calendar will be enough to satisfy that human need for a future? I don't know. I'm still spending several days a week with her. I haven't been able to spend the nights because it's been freezing up here and LittleDog needs to sleep inside. 

* This is the kind of gadget that makes me crazy with an ill-defined longing - getfreewrite.com/products/freewrite-traveler

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 and, because it's the appropriate to this situation, the Lawrence Kasdan quote: 

"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life"

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