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March 15th, 2019

This is a crazy Idol week of reading and voting. Today's poll is for my Vigilance piece in which I wanted to peel back a modern day Elektra complex and take a closer look. Please click through and vote! You can access all the entries via the poll by clicking on the link that will take you to each player's post. And thanks!


* We've all got some kind of icky crud here. Thought I was going to dodge it but nope. Woke up yesterday with a headache so pounding that it made my physically ill. Spent the day next to the woodstove trying to knit for the great-nephew and watching all the Underworlds because hells yes. There simply is not enough good werewolf stuff out there. Although, to be fair I wanted to watch The Wolfman but didn't want to cough up the ducats and I couldn't find my copy of In the Company of Wolves. 

* I'm coming to a new place with my writing. I'm not ready to talk about it. Yet. But when I am I'm going to discuss it in an attempt to have the Universe keep me honest. I have to do something with all these words and I have to start doing that something now with a birthday less than one month away. It's either that or build a mad scientist lab in the turret so that I can make a turn-back machine. Of sorts. I dunno. 

* Okay, how come no one is talking about Gervais' "After Life"? Not for everyone, I get that. But those of us who love wicked sarcasm, Ricky Gervais, British village life, and dread the idea of debilitating grief but also accept it should be raving about this small series. More of a movie with five intermissions. I loved every second of it. Except for the baby who looks like Hitler because I didn't understand that. Especially in these current horrifyingly frightening times of rising anti-semitism. But maybe that was the point? Cluelessness? Anyway. It's dark but boy is it good. That experience of simultaneously crying and smirking. 

* I've been needing something musically and I just could not figure out what it was. Then I was roused in the middle of the night a few nights back by the dream radio and what I needed was Kate Bush (QUEEN) so that's what I've been listening to. Lots and lots of Kate -

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