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May 3rd, 2019

* Well....I guess I'm going to be migrating back to LJ. I've been spending the past three quarters of a year here because of [community profile] therealljidol , but now it's NEARLY finished (there was a finale tie last night and now two writers are battling for that icon!!) and the full season will be hosted on LJ. This is not a major move, but it is somewhat significant as I haven't posted from the LJ platform for a long, long time now. Dreamwidth worked in the way it needed to, but honestly, two similar platforms, the cross-posting, the filters, and the flist just don't make maintaining two presences worth it. 

I do realize that this attitude of mine is frustrating for some folks. I know that there is a strong dislike of LJ, I know that some really really want DW to be the LJ of Olde. But for me, I started out on LJ sixteen years ago, I like LJ, and DW just is too....bland? for me. I'm not sure. I mean I know that LJ was all kinds of quiet by the time I packed up and settled down here and I think it's up to all of us to find a way to invigorate one or both platforms. The invigoration ain't happening on its own. I'm ready for a friending frenzy and I know there are a handful of us who want to sit around in a virtual circle talking shop. 

* Isn't it amazing when circumstances allow you to do something nice for someone??? :)

* In the meantime, the publisher of the mag convinced me to tough it out for another few months. She admitted that things are fraying and that I'm dealing with the worst of that. I don't really have a lot of faith that the situation will begin to knit back together, but I guess I'll give her until July to see....

I bought a sit to stand desk and I'm over the moon ecstatic with it!!! I used to have a standing desk but traded it in for a sitting behemoth and quickly regretted it. So happy to be up on my feet again typing away like a crazed monkey girl. 

Trying to let my goat-footed Muse rest a bit and that means feeding him all manner of Literature. What is everyone reading? What is your summer "go to" book? Mine has always been "Possession" but I'm not feeling that one yet. I want a long British novel type of read. 

Saw a cat with Brian Jones chops yesterday and now I can't stop thinking of Brian, that godstar -

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