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May 6th, 2019

* Spent a nice weekend with Kidling1 up at her place. It's a new-to-us town and we had a lot of fun exploring it. Any town with a river and train trestle right through the middle of it has got to be a good town! Also, more than a handful of micro-breweries so we ate and drank good. She also has a pair of invasive doves nesting on her patio and that took up chunks of time. Methinks she might need a pet. LOL. 

She's doing fantastically well. This Public Defenders office is a perfect match for her. She's running her own misdemeanor department! There is no "competition" in the office because there is simply too much work and not enough attorneys. Everyone is HELPING everyone else and it makes for a very fun and supportive environment. All things she needs. It's hard to believe that a year ago this week we were in Phoenix watching her graduate, packing her up and bringing her home for a summer of BAR exam prepping. Proud of her and happy for her.

* I haven't had time to respond to the comments on my last post regarding migrating back to LJ. It is frustrating to know that flisters I hold dear are staying put on DW. I wanted to like it here, but it's a strange white canvas with very little on it. I don't know how to find folks. I feel as though I'm tiptoeing through a ward of some kind. I can't explain exactly how it strikes me, but it isn't conducive to the journaling I used to do over on LJ. 

* I'm also feeling very techno weary and am itching to delete my two social media accounts and burn DW to the ground. I don't know why this comes over me from time to time, but I'm feeling it desperately at the moment. 

* I picked up a darkling darling yesterday - Laird Hunt's In the House in the Dark of the Woods. I could not put it down. For three solid hours. And it's haunting my morning. I'm always simultaneously elated and deflated when I find a work sounding so much like my own plucked heart strings, but this one is much darker than anything I could conceive. Hunt is utterly utterly brilliant. This slim novel is a morality play dressed as a bastardized fairy tale masquerading as a horror story and a devilish take on Puritanical New England. It's fantastic! But I wouldn't recommend it without a caveat. Although I'm not quite sure what that caveat would be. If you get sucked into the first third, bear the second third, then you must take your punishment with the last. The book is set up to work in just that way. I think I will read more of him.

* Standing at this desk!!! I should have purchased this riser years ago! 

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