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May 17th, 2019

* Crazy busy here and I've been remiss in responding to comments. I guess...I just don't have an answer regarding LJ VS DW. I hashed all that out years ago. I understand all the arguments on both sides. For me, the changes have been so drastic in regards to online journaling that the arguments simply don't make that much of a difference either way. Not any more. Not when there are barely enough folks on both platforms to make up even a quarter of what magnificence the flist once was. If Idol is moving back to LJ, then I'm most likely going to follow and post there. Obviously, it may be just as easy to stay here and crosspost....that remains to be seen. 

* Raining! And pouring. And predicted to continue through Memorial Day weekend! That's a lot of wet. I'm not complaining but it is cold up on the hill, not creeping over 50 during the day, so that means we're back to woodstove fires and no walks. And dogs that want to sleep in all night. 

* I'm still reading Laird Hunt like it's a job. Finished "Neverhome" yesterday. Another quick read. I do love a slim novel. His lyricism is captivating and although his story/characters tend towards magical realism, there's a gritty realism that holds them to the recognizable world. I can't rec this guy enough! 

* Watching "Chernobyl." Queued it for bae Jared Harris but got sucked in completely because of the story. I remember the disaster very clearly. My folks lived on the east coast of England then. I was a hardcore punk stateside and believe me we had already done our share of activism regarding nuclear power. How have all the kids forgotten this??? Calves with three eyes and babies being born without brains. Chernobyl was HUGE and of course my father was in charge of so much of the spy plane maneuvering and I wish he was here to watch this show try to untangle the tangle of lies. Russia-loving Kidling1 is being stunned to a bit of contemplative silence. She is loving all things USSR but is horrified as she rightly should be. Chernobyl was the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union. 

* I'm trying to collate my 150 + pieces of Idol writing I've done over the past five years. It's a humongous undertaking. I'm sorting by category because they are all flash fiction genre. Some push over the 1,000 word count and could be "short story" but not many. Some are serialized - the philosophers and the eavesdropper, Hades/Persephone. And some are genre - pioneer, dirty realism. Some also tend towards witchy. I've never been one to return to an older piece and edit it. I can't seem to recapture that particular headspace. But I'm trying! I would like to polish some for submission, return to some for cohesion, and maybe tease a few into some kind of longer work. 

* I'm also trying to clear out the craft room and return it to guest room status. Enough with crafts that are never going to be done. Dolls and knitting and beading. Most of it has to go! It's weighing heavily on my psyche and I am ready to part with it. I have a small workspace off my bedroom and I will narrow down my crafting focus to what will fit in one corner of that room. 

How are we feeling about Shirley Jackson coming to the big screen? It upsets me and I may not watch it but CRISPIN!!!!

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