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July 3rd, 2019

July Threeth

Still trying to figure out how to rise when I wake without rousing The Viking. It’s problematic, and I’m going to need to talk with him today about ways to solve it. I’m up at five; he’s up at six. But he NEEDS that hour. This desk and computer are at the bottom of the stairs, and the bedroom is at the top. This is a loud keyboard. Are there quiet ones??? And my c-key sticks and there’s a lot of c’s I need to type, so that gets louder. I’ve tried shutting the door, but the combination of getting up, getting dressed, shutting the door and then typing has him fully awake. All this wide open world and I still don’t have a room of my own. I believe if I had a hidey-hole to quietly inhabit for an hour or two, he would fall back to sleep.

I have so much editing work this morning, and I will get started on it as soon as I have this entry done and one cup of coffee on board. I also have to visit the retiring sexton and pick up some paperwork for the cemetery. And then I think I’ll invite my mom up to see how the Outside Room is coming along. Kidling1 is coming home this evening for tomorrow’s 4th/Family Reunion. I have to bake 48 cupcakes for tomorrow, but I think I will make Kidling1 frost them with her mad skillz. Busy day.

Got my hair trimmed yesterday. My hair looks exactly as it did throughout my 30’s and that makes me happy/sad. It’s an interesting mirror experience to see one’s face change throughout time. It’s very very long now but I want it LONGER.

We are tv-dry and giving up on that for a while. What are folks watching??? I am still determined to make Kidling2 teach us how to xBox…but he’s resisting. Guess it’s board games, reading and knitting. Tonight it will be hours of recent life story story-telling which is what we tend to do when we’re all together.

I’ve decided I need a hipster fedora. 



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