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July 4th, 2019

Kidling1 ain’t gonna make the party today. I’m not disappointed just frustrated as one is when plans skitter sideways. First, I get it. Why on earth D’s mom wanted to combine this holiday with a family reunion is a mystery and was never a good idea. Too many young folks who have other 4thy-type plans that involve water and alcohol and fireworks and friends. In Kidling1’s case, it simply is too much driving because she has to work tomorrow and last night she went to cocktail hour with the office which does take a precedence for myriad reasons. Now, Kidling2 is acting like a tween and saying he’s going to dip. D said nope. Who knows how this little power struggle will play out. On top of today’s disintegrating plans, these young folks are going to go camping this weekend and again, I don’t blame them! But those plans are definitely adversely affecting today’s plans. Blah.

And, of course, I miss my father. So much patriotism in my family because Military. I would love to be in DC today, see the parade and then go visit my dad in Arlington. I really did enjoy DC. Maybe someday I’ll return. Very cool to always have some interesting thing or another to do. Obviously, my deep woods witchy self could only handle that in a short holiday setting. LOL.

We always have big 4th of July bashes and that’s another aspect of today’s reunion that I find troubling. Why would she purposefully usurp our annual doings?

Alright, need to stop that train of thought.

As a creature of habit, this week is turning me upside down. 

Happy 4th to all you Americans! 


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