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July 9th, 2019

[community profile] sunshine_challenge 

Prompt 3: Canon Recommendations

Film, TV and books - which canon needs more fandom? Opinions, I haz 'em. So, today, movies that I hold in high esteem.

And these fandoms need more fic. Period.

A Star is Born – my current obsession. The movie is amazing because of the chemistry Gaga and Cooper have on-set and in real life. I don't do a lot of RPFing, but these two are mesmerizing in their wide-open gazes and affection. I would like to see them as a couple.

Regardless, we will always have Paris the film. The songwriting is out of this world and the musical production ospot on and utterly true to life. The story is flawed but I forgive it its ways.

Instead of a trailer – have a big heaping helping of the chemistry between these two. Wait and watch for Gaga to tuck Cooper's hair behind his ear and then he goes in for a major nose rub -

The Piano – my favourite film of all time. Keitel is staggering in this role. His Baines is utterly and recognizably heartsick in love. A complete opposite to Ada’s husband who doesn’t understand his wife, doesn’t grasp the depths of love and is completely ignorant to the hidden passions of all those who surround him. The soundtrack is outrageous. And baby Paquin, to boot. Jane Campion is a QUEEN.

Meet Joe Black – Poignant and so filled with a love of life that you will be weeping from heartbreak throughout the finale, so gorgeously wrought with a party and fireworks and formal wear. It’s beautiful and funny and irreverent and utterly haunting in the way that well-done magical realism can stay with you in all its Jungian glory.

Eastern Promises – sexiest movie of all time and I still swoon and I’ve seen it gazillions of times.

Hostiles – sad and thought-provoking. The story is filled with inhospitable truths and undeniable facts. Terrible terrible stuff. But it does prevail. And the thespian joy of watching flawless craftsmanship from Bale, Pike and Studi makes the journey worthwhile.


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