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July 15th, 2019

July skippies

One thing that happens more often than you would think when you live in the deep dark woods is being woken by the sound of a small mammal screaming. Terrible. And disconcerting. If it’s near dawn, I just get up and make coffee. But if it’s in the middle of the night, I'm forced to lie in bed and contemplate all the strange ways in which this world is an injurious place. Makes for a long hour or two.

The fox and the lion are killers of living creatures. It’s their purpose. 

They say animals are immortal because they don’t know they are going to die.

Kidling2 definitely has something heating up for him. Makes Kidling1 depressed as she has no partner on the horizon at all. She's been hanging out with Kidling2's crew for the past couple of months, so she has been watching this relationship develop and she's feeling lonely. 

Getting some decent Amazon Prime deals. Got a screaming deal on two firesticks, and two ceiling fans for the new building. The Harry Potter box set is tempting. How many of us are still completists? How many still buy movies on disc? I dl most of my music now, but I still buy the cds of my faves. Nick, Swans, Angels of Light, Mark Lanegan, etc.. Whenever we watch HP we marathon it and it's usually some kind of snowed in weekend. I need the 4K box set. Obviously.

We've taken a week to ponder deeply the building and tomorrow we fix it! I think. LOL.

Mainly writing as of late. I wrote something new over the weekend and will probably share soon. Nothing is on tv. 



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