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July 18th, 2019

July Eighteens

The building is back on fantastic track! I guess we just needed a few weeks of QUIET contemplation to consider it. Sure wish we had realized that we needed to slow things down from that breakneck speed before we threw all those Benjamins at it, though…The issue was Walls. I didn’t want them. Menfolk did. Walls went up. Two of them were fitted with gorgeous antique stained-glass panels but the glass wasn’t enough to bring in light or allow you to look out. This is an OUTDOOR room not a garage or a barn, which it began to resemble more than an OUTDOOR room. When it was its original post&beam self it was beautiful. Matched the rest of the mission style lodgey buildings on the property and I was pleased. Then Walls. Not pleased. So, we took 1/3 of them down. And it looks better than ever. It also calls more attention to the stained-glass and, of course, the deep woods. Very relieved and things are progressing once again. The solar panels are up and should be pouring deliciously hot water into the pool by the end of the weekend!

Then Landscaping!

Although today I’m going to go to Lowes to buy these gorgeous Ruby Red Slipper coleus’s I fell in love with earlier this week. I must have that dark red plant all over the yard.


The second great nephew was born yesterday! Simultaneously exciting and melancholic. That’s two grandbabies for my sister in a year’s time. I’m happy for her. She’s decided to quit her six-digit career as a Head Nurse in order to care for my niece’s newborn because said niece has three more years of her OB/GYN residency. And yep, this baby was planned. I saw an emotion on my niece’s face in one of the photos that is of serious concern. UTTER AND PURE LOVE. I’ve photographed a lot of maternity/birth/newborn and this isn’t always the look you see. It’s the look that Joseph Campbell was referencing when he talked about some women blooming in motherhood. It’s the fabled look of the charging sow bear. It’s an instantaneous awareness and connection that has not a thing to do with hormones or physical relief or mental calculation. It’s a soul thing. And I think it’s going to become problematic in six weeks’ time.

We shall see.


I bought a fedora. Kinda. I bought Brixton’s Field Hat and I’m the hippest of the hep cats now. Srsly.


Kidling1 got a hung jury today and is very pleased. That’s seven trials in seven months! She’s rocking this gig hard. 


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