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July 19th, 2019

Underappreciated TV

I’m still wanting to make two posts about crazy-good underappreciated TV and books.

So, here's some of my favourite TV that I think doesn't have enough fans, fandom and fic! 

Deadwood - HBO gets appropriate credit for their cutting edge serialized TV. We can all admit that The Sopranos changed the face of the small screen forever. True Blood? Be still my fandom-beating heart. Westwood. But Deadwood is the one closest to my heart. Admittedly, I am a massive Westerns fan, so it had me there. And mules and mule teams! Oh, and men with nasty facial hair. But what else Deadwood has is Shakespearian dialogue. I kid you not. The dialogue! (oh, and full frontal male nudity for what that's worth) Cancelling this show was a crime against art and can never be rectified. The storylines are wonderful, overlappy and there is sexual tension (always a PLUS in my fetish book), and irreverencey in the characters that makes it absolutely endearing. Thankfully, HBO did attempt to fix its error and funded a movie that came out last month. A kind of swans song that the characters needed.

Legion - This is one of the most amazing sleeper shows out there. It's FANTASTIC! Absolutely fantastic! Mind bending, gorgeously filmed with sets straight out of dark commix. The acting! Be still my Aubrey Plaza loving heart. Also, Jemaine! The story does stay tied together which is astonishing because it is COMPLICATED. It's the anti-superhero for the superhero fans.

True Detective S1 & S3 - S1 is probably my favourite bit of small screen work I've ever seen. It staggered me. And it is my preciousssssssssss. The ending is the greatest ending in any piece of artwork ever created. Not the spectacular finale, but the final last five minutes. I did think it was flawed for a long, long time....but I've made my peace with that and found a way to resolve it in my mind. S3 is a triumph, too, just differently than S1. S1 is all about philosophical dialogue and existential angst. S3 is all about dialogue delivery and the distances we put between ourself and ourself and those we love.

The Terror - WHY HAS NO ONE WATCHED THIS SHOW??? First, boats. Second, seamen. Third, mariner disaster. Fourth, exploration. Fifth, folklore and magical realism. Sixth but should be first - bae Jared Harris. I loved every single minute of this show. And it made me CRY. Like seriously weep with the humanity. And this one also has a superb ending that just blew me away. Every episode is a mini-film. It's perfect from the casting to the costuming to the set design to the haunting cinematography to the dialogue.

Bitten - A guilty pleasure ala The Vampire Diaries. Beautiful people in silly supernatural situations. Oh, and HEADY sexual tension. But with the same issues that all our fave supernatural shows grapple with - women are abused terribly. Still. It's worth an effort. 

Penny Dreadful - This is one of the more witchier, darker and complex shows ever to be written for TV. It really is without comparison. Religious and thought-provoking. Supernatural but with a definite literary bent. Robbed via cancellation. It might be too dark for some the way that Hannibal is too dark. But it's really gorgeous and riveting work and needs more fans. 

Wuthering Heights - I went looking for the Tom Hardy version because DAMN it's AMAZING, but went down a rabbit hole of a newer version which I've not heard about. Does anyone know about the PBS 2018 version??? Still, hard if not impossible to beat the Tom/Charlotte Heathcliff/Cathy version. Honestly, I doubt any of the flist haven't seen it. But still. It needs pimping. 



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