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August 2nd, 2019

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaze

It's hot. But that's okay. It is August. Can't believe, actually, that it's August, but there you go. Out here kids go back to school the second week of August and summer vacation has suffered because of it. What happened to returning after Labor Day? 

Reading rather than writing. I picked up a Carol Goodman at Goodwill - Arcadia Falls. It put me in the mood to read modern fairy tale retellings. I wanted it to be amazing. Such an imagination. But it's silly, of course. Not even enough meat there for it to be a guilty pleasure. I like books of this low caliber because....they act like rich fodder for the Muse. All those "couldabeens" that abound on every single page. Reminded me of Tam Lin, but then all art college novels tend to. 

Another silly find, Cloven Hooves by Megan Lindholm or Robin Hobb. Not silly the way Goodman is so silly, but yeah, um. I will admit to being very impressed at how BRAVE Lindholm is with this. Satyr sex. For reals. And more, but I won't spoil it as there could be some flisters who enjoy this sort of outing and are willing to track down this rare and out of print paperback from '91. 

Re-read the choicest bits from Sunshine because I scored a trade paperback at Goodwill. Thrifting for books! 

Back to the tottering to-be-read small press books and I'm really enjoying The Book of Speculation but the few spoilery things I've read have said don't be disappointed when it amounts to not much. Exactly like the abysmal The Night Circus

Writing is hard.

Alrighty, Ray, if you're gonna objectify woman, rightbackatcha, cuz I have a wicked weakness for a gap and nasty facial hair. YUM!


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