November 8th, 2019

anatomical beat

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* Menfolk have gone deep-sea fishing, so I juggled my usual schedule and I'm spending the next few days with my mother. She wants to get a headstart on holiday shopping, so I guess that's a good thing? Hope is the thing with wings and all that. But the hopelessness has been pretty pervasive. I sometimes wonder if I'm becoming what would be deemed clinically depressed. There's so many things you learn one time only and the lesson cannot be applied. It must be endured.

* I have a soft spot for deep forest witchy dark folk tale films. Did you know this is a genre?! Me neither, but it is. Folk Horror. I will compile my particular faves list if flisters are interested. I would much rather descend into words than film and would enjoy a rousing discussion of books that fall into this category - In the House in the Dark of the Woods?!?!?!?! Those are harder to find. This is also a genre in music and we enjoy it very much here - Darkgrass. Munly, Munly, Munly! So, we queued up Hagazussa the other night. D fell promptly asleep but I really enjoyed it. Dark, yep. Eerie, yes. Disturbing, quite. But it's not horror, it's Folk Horror and in that it delivered wonderfully. Atmospheric and thought-provoking.

* Alone last night I tried to delve into S1 of The Vampire Diaries but it's conflicting for me. I love it yet returning to it makes me sad. TVD is my Buffy or Supernatural or Harry Potter. So, I turned it off and picked up the knitting again. I really want to finish these gifts before Christmas!

Almost ten years on now, and Peej's gorgeous remembrance of The Great War - Let England Shake - still moves deeply.