June 25th, 2020

anatomical beat

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* I quite enjoyed penning this week's Idol entry. It's dark and it's dualistic and symbollic and twisty. Not sure where it bubbled up from. I am reading a ton of what's termed philosophical horror. Stephen King's Cell and Pet Semetery would be classified as such. Usually it's short form and making statements about the current ways and means in which we interpret existence and all of its fetters. Brian Evenson, Thomas Ligotti and, I would wager, Cormac McCarthy.

Anyway, poll is up here - https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1144899.html  We are down to 15. Click through, read, comment and vote!

* Speaking of horror stories. I got an incredibly exciting invitation from Devil's Party Press regarding the short story of mine they published in last year's Halloween Party 2019 anthology. They want to include that story in a new imprint! AND they want me to Zoom read it! I love reading aloud. Many of you don't know I used to do public storytelling, empowering womyn myth at gatherings, goddess circles, spiral dances, etc. I really enjoy the dramatic aspect of reading out loud! Now to practice!

* It's unbearably hot in the valley, which is making it hard to sleep up here. No A/C, of course, so a few nights every summer we stifle and suffer. I would love to put a French sleeping porch on our project list for 2021.