September 13th, 2020

anatomical beat

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* Trying to get a full refund for the coastal VRBO has become a drag. I get it, COVID and vacations have become a distant memory, but natural disaster? And how does holding onto my hard-earned money paid in good faith somehow make sense? It simply doesn't. Frustrating but with two attorneys in the family (of which a third of the money was theirs) I wasn't overly stressed, but still stressful. And I'm still not understanding the reasoning. As of this morning, it does looks like we are going to be refunded in full.

* I really really loved Valley of Shadows. Has anyone seen it? There's a pivotal scene I would love to discuss! It reminded me of a more realistic Where the Wild Things Are. Also, Demon was AMAZING and that title does it a serious disservice. It should have simply and succinctly been titled Dybbuk, but even that's not really accurate. What are you watching, flist?

* Still reading Oates. The Doll-Master is flawless and creepy and disturbing and accurate and I just don't know how she continues to issue forth so much quality and quanitity of imaginative fiction. It does have a short that is a precursor, albeit a horrifying one, to her beautiful latest novel Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars and it was illuminating to be able to get a glimps of the master at work.

* Also reading the fantastic Stephen Graham Jones. We need more indigenous writers willing to go deep into their culture and community. He is so good.

* It's quite cool here now because of the heavy smoke cover. It's disconcerting. We are in desperate need of rain, which doesn't really begin until Halloween. I haven't been out of doors in three days. It's dangerously unhealthy. Arsonists have been arrested in Washington, Oregon and California. That hurts my brain.