September 25th, 2020

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Happy Autumn! I'm so happy it's arrived. I hope we get rain and cold weather sooner than later. I'm just ready for this year to put on its jammies and get itself into bed.

* Okay, people! WHO IS WATCHING THE THIRD DAY cuz damn!!! This show. I love love love this sort of thing. Folk horror, the UK, gorgeous cinematography, Paddy Considine, symbollism, mystery. I know it will disappoint. That's inevitable. I have a theory on why storytelling can't figure out a good ending. But I'll save that for another post. Anyway, if you can track this down, queue it up.

* I'm reading The Turn of the Screw for a bookclubby thing and yes, *hangs head* I have not read it before. I have zero idea of how that happened. I think...somene told me it was about Satan and that scared me off it. What is interesting, well, there's so much that's interesting. This story is amazing. But it's like the older brother of The Little Stranger. TLS scared the holy hell out of me, but I think tTotS is much, much better. We shall see....It's not an easy read. Thick and old fashioned and quite dense....but boy is it compelling. You go, Hank James.

* So, thanks for the name votes a few days back. I've decided to begin a wordpress blog. It's slooooooooooooooooooooow going because I simply don't have much patience for that, but I really want to do this. Post regular, create a more authory presence online, and just see if blogging can make it in this crazy assed century.

* We are scheduled for a "Public Safety Power Shutoff." California, you're the greatest! 48 solid hours beginning tomorrow evening. Wish I lived on the coast in Maine, or the Canadian/Washington border.

* Kind of getting the itch to write something again. Idol really wore me the *&^^ out this time around. But slowly, I'm feeling that burn.


Reading Frankenstein last month put me in the mood to have a Creature that could fit into the palm of my hand. These are not cheap and kind of hard to find. But I tracked down a wee jointed quite surprisingly heavy monster of my own! I luffs him!