October 22nd, 2020

anatomical beat

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It's quite chilly this morning and my heart is singing! Sweater weather and stew weather and woodstove fire weather. I am an autumn and winter soul. I know this and wish that I could arrange my life to be living far northward, or coastward. Right now that isn't feasible, but I hold onto that feathered thing....

So, Survivor Idol has begun! I had the HUGE honour of being chosen a Team Captain and yet...I know nothing of the game. It's going to be a crazy wild ride and I hope I can rise to the challenges! The players are all fantastic and the teams quite intriguing. I'm looking very forward to hitting the keys once again. I literally have not written a creative words since the last season of Idol. I've been reading and writing for the parenting magazine and knitting and sewing wee felt creatures. 

The President of the Cemetery Board passed away unexpectedly in August. It was a shock and incredibly sad. He's going to be missed on the hill and his funeral, even in these socially distancing time, is a testament to how many lives he was a big part of. Now he's beside his young son, whose death he never fully recovered from, with decades growing between them. Sad. 

So, now I've been elected President and although that is going to add to my overall work load, I do feel a responsibility to volunteerism and this job in particular. 

I haven't been able to stop thinking about First Reformed. Ethan Hawke is masterful and was robbed of his rightful accolades and awards. He says that the good film is the one you begin thinking of when you leave the theatre. This film is that film. I was astonished and moved and had to go back to rewatch the ending several times. I would LOVE to discuss that ending if any of you have seen this movie.

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