October 31st, 2020

anatomical beat

All Hallows Eve

I'm one of those who keeps looking at the calendar and going WTF?! This year. And now it's Samhain and we're two months out from 2021 and I just have no idea.

No spooky festivities here, they've all been disallowed. D and I are alone. Kidling2 went up to Kidling1's place to play poker and drink and watch scary movies. The bars are closed up there, as well. We will spend the day getting the yards ready for late fall and winter. We can't have yard fires yet so we will just pile deadfall up. Put away all the pool chairs and umbrellas. Wash windows and rake. I'm also working on a deep clean of each room as my East Coast sister has decided to travel here for the week of Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to that!

Watched the Gretel & Hansel last night and I enjoyed it! More of a folky fabley occult well filmed thing than horror. Alice Krige is BRILLIANT in it and worth the price of admission. I get that they were trying to tell a moral tale...but I think they overreached on that. Also, not sure about the feminist angle. Thoughts from those who've seen it?

Back over at Dreamwidth! Survivor Idol is a thing! And it's at Dreamwidth!