December 3rd, 2020

anatomical beat

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A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who voted in this week's Survivor Idol poll!!! It made a difference. 

I'm feeling a need for Education. I've always been addicted to learning and try to learn some new skill or understanding as often as I can. I'm thinking next year, I'm going to devote myself to a deeper Jungian education. Unfortunately, there is nothing close here where I could take a course. Not like when I lived in the SF Bay Area and was overwhelmed with the seemingly limitless opportunities to study under true adepts and experts. Online learning can be a bit of a gamble unless you pay the super big bucks. And there really is only so far one can go reading ALL THE BOOKS. Although I tend towards that approach. LOL. 

I'm going to hit the fabric store this weekend for a couple yards of dark red linen that I am then going to rip into ribbons for Christmas decor. 

I'm also thinking of freshening up the interior paint next year. D wants to redo the main room which means some investing in furniture. Can we agree though? That will be the trick. We have a leather set and he hates it. Well, he likes the recliner, but hates the sofa and loveseat. We also are down one guest bed since Kidling2 moved home, so we are thinking of a leather sleeper sofa and two overstuffed fabric chairs. He hates coffee tables but I refuse to get rid of my small round pub table. He's happy with all the Klimt, but I want to add another piece and he's saying no to that. Winter inside is the perfect time for us to be hashing this all out. 

Not much else right now. Guess that's why I'm doing all this thinking of future projects! 

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