December 25th, 2020

anatomical beat

Merry Christmas!

A safe and blessed holiday to those who keep it! It's been very nice here. Now everyone is gone and there are so many dishes to do and things to put away. But it's all good. 

It's pouring and that's wonderful. Snow promised for tomorrow but now it's looking less likely. 

We had a small holiday this year. As all of you, too. Strange times. But we made it festive and cooked our arses off! Also, gifting was over the top this year and that was delightful. We got a Nintendo Switch, so watch out 21st Century, cuz here we *grabs walker* come! 

My mother stayed overnight. She had an upbeat two days and that's one of the best gifts she can be given lately. So, accomplished that! 

I will try to sort through pictures and share some. 

In the meantime, here's this week's Idol - go forth to read and comment and vote!

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