December 29th, 2020

anatomical beat

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I thought I would do a fun end-of-year book list and I couldn't remember everything I'd read. I shelve my books pretty soon after digesting them and my system isn't about keeping track. I shelve by fave authors, then genre. So, I decided to go through my journal archives. DAY-UM. I really abandoned LJ this year, didn't I? That's pretty pathetic. 

I would love to challenge myself to a REAL journaling in 2021. Daily posting and reflection. I've accepted that the LJ of 2003 - 2013 is long gone. And I think I need to accept that in order to approach daily posting with a different attitude. Building community would be a glorious byproduct but cannot be the point of writing here anymore. Community has shrunk and shrunk and shrunk to a small handful of us diehards. And that's okay! But writing with the same approach I did during the HeyDay isn't productive. 

So, I'm mulling it over. The commitment and dedication of it. The exposure of it. 

And yeah, I read a lot of books this year. I hope to finish the fun book meme before Friday.  Back over at Dreamwidth! Survivor Idol is a thing! And it's at Dreamwidth!