January 12th, 2021

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I still have one tree up, just twinkle lights and linen ribbons, and all the candles in all the windows. Pagan of me, I've decided. Lighting candles in the trees... The rest of Yuletide is packed up and put away until the end of this year. A new year! And so far it isn't looking at all better than the past year. It will be the year of -isms, won't it. Perhaps the year we devour one another. Who knows.

I've been busy with all kinds of things! Knitting, of course. Working on Frog & Toad. Frog & Toad were a major and vital part of my children's childhoods. Frog's gentle wisdom has stayed with me all these years and I often can hear him in my mind when I'm perplexed by petty feelings. When I encountered this pattern at frogandcast.com I was utterly charmed and smitten. The pattern is GOOD, pretty fiddly and math-y, but that's what I like in my knitting.

The eyes are the hard part and if it wasn't for them and the anxiety they provoke, I would knit everyone in the world their own pair of friends.

We've also been going on longer and longer hike-walks. Meeting up with Kidling1 and her boy for socially distanced mornings. Sunday we walked five miles along the river and felt rejuvenated afterward. Don't let anyone tell you that the world isn't full of wide open and amazing spaces that are yours for the enjoying.

Get out there and enjoy them!

I finally sat down and read a book. Well, a novella. I haven't read a thing in the past month or so and I'm glad this was the first of 2021. It is achingly beautiful and hurty and I wept and wept. I recommend it but keep in mind that it's set mid-1970's and do not read reviews or the back cover. Let it work the way it was meant to do. Swimmer in the Secret Sea - William Kotzwinkle.

And my biggest piece of news is that I purchased the new Hasselblad digital back!!! It's a gorgeous thing. Some say it's nostalgic and the camera is a bulky behemoth, and that may be so. But I have a ton of ducats and experience invested in my V system and it's exhilerating for me to be able to use these lenses once again. I will put together a future post that is simply dedicated to the 'Blad and my decades spent with it.

Hope all of you are alright. 

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