January 25th, 2021

anatomical beat

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Despite what you hear about California falling apart, everyone I know in NorCal who wanted the vaccine has gotten the first dose. I have NOT been impressed with the local rollout but I'm not in charge so there's little I can do to affect it. My days in politiks are well and truly OVER and I don't see myself getting involved again. I did my part for nearly twenty years in this village and it was a microcosm of larger entities, cthulu entities. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why folx want to dedicate their lives to licking such a monster. I'm a Libertarian at heart and prefer that we take care of the animals, the land, the needy and let the rest live the life they choose to live. 

But vaccines are here and for the most part being administered with very little Vonnegut-like comedy. 

We got snow! Last night and woke to it this morning. And this is just a beginning, we're being told. A big storm is predicted for tomorrow through Friday and we are rejoicing. We need the snowpak but we also need to play in the snow. 

I'm beginning to work with the new Hasselbad digital back. I'm over-the-moon excited with what I've been able to produce so far -

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