February 21st, 2021

anatomical beat

All our promises are lies.

 I have hydroponic tulips blooming in every room! Different varieties and colours. Purchased for my current skull/tulip still life, but how wondrously life-affirming and joyful they are as they grow and bloom! 

We watched two Jesse James flicks back to back. Both astonishing. The oft-overlooked The Long Riders and the oft-misunderstood The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I loved them both, but I have a serious Carradine weakness and any show with a multitude of mules, well...that's my wheelhouse. Also, Nick Cave in a western bar scene? Hells yeah. But D disliked The Assassination and was blown away by The Long Riders. He had not seen it before. The Long Riders is phenom, just the casting alone of the brothers sets it quite apart, but the horse stunts are amazing and frightening. The Assassination is sparse and achingly beautiful and archetypal. I don't believe bad guys should be painted in a positive light at all, but there is something intriguing about the "folk hero-ness" of James and his enduring presence in the American psyche. Any Jesse James movies you can rec? 

Not reading much, my mind is still a bit sore. But I'm knitting. A Waldorf boy doll for my sister's grandson who will be a big brother this fall. For those who have been following along on my sister's experiment to quit her job sell her home make her husband do the same and move in with their daughter and son-in-law so she can be the full-time caregiver for her doctor daughter's family. Well it's crashing and burning quickly now. I can't even relate the numerous ways in which it's not working. It's the men who are suffering. Yesterday, my sister and her husband and adult son bought a house about a half hour away from the combined family living house they are in now and my sister is admitting that her husband and son are falling apart living in this other man's house. It's all terrible, really. 

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