March 1st, 2021

anatomical beat

Happy 60th Day of the Year!

Kidling1 and beau are buying a house! That's crazy to me because, well Life. We are heading up there today to walk-through with them. His parents are waiting the final three weeks after their second dose, so it's just us and maybe Kidling2. 


I gave up on The Luminaries. Back on movies and have seen nothing really worth exclaiming about. Well, we did finally catch True History of the Kelly Gang. Very dark and gorgeously shot with truly compelling actors. It was kind of wild to see Nick Cave's son Earl. I don't think acting is in his future, but the young Cave reminded me so much of his Pa at that age and wow where has the (our life)time gone exactly. 

Doing a ton of reading/studing and Learning. I am glad I decided to take a few online classes, jogging all kinds of out-of-shape grey matter cells. But I have to admit, I detest Zoom meetings/bookclubs/workshops/seminars. I detest them. I'm accepting that that's just me. So, I log on quietly, listen, and remain quiet while typing like a madwoman into a word doc all the things I would posit and argue and present if it was an in-person gig. There's a noticable uneasiness amongst the practitioners that comes across as awkward politeness and oftentimes has them appearing like a 12 year old practicing a solliloquoy in their dresser mirror. Anywho. I am learning and that's the important bit. Here's what I'm reading:

The Female Thermometer - sounds amazing but is actually quite the slog interspersed with these intense flashes of illumination. I do recommend it for those who need more perspective.

The Hour of Our Death - a mindblower. And I thought I owned the majority of death-themed tomes. How has this substantial book escaped me? Every paragraph is another A-Ha moment. Brilliant and sobering and thought-provoking.

I grabbed basically the last of the skull with tulips still lifes yesterday as my tulips are pretty much done. I enjoyed these vases so much and am now going to see if I can harvest these bulbs for forcing next winter. 

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