April 5th, 2021

anatomical beat

the moon is a girl with the sun in her eyes

* Learned a lot at the small family gathering yesterday. I need to remove myself from my sister and her family. I know that sounds dreadful and final and that's pretty much how it's making me feel. I just need to be done. They aren't good for me and I'm probably not good for them. I'm not sure why or how it got to this point. My sister and I used to be so close. She was at my son's birth. She was their beloved aunt for my children's youngest years. Then she had her own children and that was the end of her interest in mine. I tried to be there for her and her children but was rebuffed over and over until I finally caught a clue. I don't know what happend. Honestly. And I no longer really care to sort it. Blah. But my mother seemed good, although very aware of "the issues" as she called me the moment she got home to decompress. Kidling1 and beau were nonplussed but also not overly excited, either. Family.

* I'm starting a new class this week. Death and Resurrection as Muse. It's a Tarot based course. The class materials are fantastic! I'm very excited about it, especially the Jung and Tarot text.

* The Impossible is worth two hours. Horrifying stuff, really. 

* This new Nick is listed under Jazz Fusion. I think I'm beginning to see why there is no 21st Century music movement. 


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