April 7th, 2021

anatomical beat

Our journey as Fool through the analogy

Last night's class was AMAZING. Really insightful and inspiring. And that's what the class is supposed to be - we are trying to "resurrect" the Muse through the imaginative creativity of the Tarot. The instructor is very knowledgeable although I don't agree with the Egyptian premise, but that's what's fantastic about Tarot, you don't have to commit to every single thing hundreds of thousands of people think and believe about the cards. I'm in the China school, by the way. 

We went through a very general but truly astonishing overview of The Fool through The Chariot. I primarily use Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot deck and I actually got some very bright flashes of insight from the lecture. I can't explain how exciting that is. It's like the dream where you find the secret door underneath the kitchen sink and it leads to an entirely unknown part of the house (psyche). 

I do collect decks and that's for the imagery and symbolism, the tiny piece of art you can hold in your hand. But I'm drawn to Place's bold and figurative style. I have long used his Alchemical deck, he has many, because of my interest in Jungian Alchemy. His deck reflect the Jungian intepretation, archetype and symbology. In the photo above, his are the two on the book - The Magician and The Fool. The backs are in the middle right side. 

The teacher/guide uses the Rider-Waite which has always left me cold, but her love for it shone through and it was nice to see it through her eyes. That's another part of Tarot that I adore, everyone comes to the images from their own experience and perspective. There are so many decks out there that nearly everyone can find something they resonate DEEPLY with. 

So, here's to reawakening my Muse! 

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