April 15th, 2021

anatomical beat

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* Still enjoying this Tarot class IMMENSELY. Definitely working as The Emperor on The Fool's Journey. I love this Alchemical Tarot deck, always have, but the course is making me fall in love with it even more. It's definitely representative of my particular symbollic imagery and motif. 

* First 5 pounds are shed! Go, me. I know they say a dress size is 10 pounds but I'm pushing for 15. Just to see if I can? That would put me back to my Maiden self....a long, long time ago. But the challenge of it is fun. Another 5 and I will order that jumpsuit. 

* Looking forward to starting in on the writers group that [personal profile] murielle  and I are planning. Going to create a comm here and crosspost to LJ, I think. Maybe create it there and copy/paste here....I don't know! Start compiling prompts, if you can. We'll randomize them.

* Working with still life with skull yesterday and thought I would pull King Death off the bureau and snap a few photos. King Death is my gorgeous Dollshe boy with skull paint. But it literally was so melancholy a thing, I had to put him back. My doll days are over.

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