April 29th, 2021

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Tarot class finished up last night and it really was very inspiring. I'm in one other zoom class at the moment....and am not sure if I will continue taking classes over the summer. They are pricey, first and foremost. They aren't really as intimate as I prefer group work to be. It's hard to get to know the other students because of the format. And that probably means that a ton of really interesting information and personalities doesn't get to surface. At last night's class, for example, we spent an hour discussing our Muse cards and so much fascinating stuff came up. I have quite a few book recs, links, and thoughts to ponder now. None of that occurred the first three classes. 

Anyway. I think I may be investing in another Tarot deck. I will keep those who are interested here informed about my choice. I still love the Alchemical deck, but I'm thinking of going a bit more classical. 

Weather is warming up again and I guess my winter heart has to admit that it's very nice to see spring in all its glory and summer peeking around the corner. We have two big yard projects I hope to have done by the end of May and then we've got plans for June that include much socializing! 

And I'm still contemplating the massive job of painting the downstairs interior. So much cutting in! I'm ready for some new furniture and I'm ready to aggressively minimize our living space. 


That was yesterday morning's beginnings of a post. My sister called and told me that my mother had to go by ambulance to the hospital. I spent a tense two hours but then learned that she's going to be okay. Of course I was the last one to find out because my sister "somehow forgot your number." I'm not even going to begin.

I couldn't get into see my mother because my sister was there all afternoon, so I went down after I met with Sunday's bride and got her house back in order. But she ended up being kept overnight, so today is going to be a physical and emotional juggling act to insure she gets home and gets settled. 

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