May 31st, 2021

anatomical beat

Memorial Day

We put the crosses and flags in the cemetery Friday night. 64 vets in this tiny mountain graveyard. That's a lot. Most of them Vietnam era.

My mother and I sent flowers to Arlington for my father's grave. She said she would cover my sisters' portions because they are notoriously forgetful when repaying debts, but yesterday she came up for a while and gave me her portion only and I lol-ed to myself because of course she did.

It's hot here and going to get hotter. At least for this week. The pool is warming up and was full of young people most of the weekend. 

Mare of Easttown finished its utterly lovely run last night and I was pleased. It didn't go off the rails, the emotional wrap-up was cathartic although I think a late night drive by Zabel's mother's house with all the lights on would have been nice. ZABEL!!! I *heart* a good mini-series.

Not much else to report on. Flist is quiet. [community profile] word_smithing  is quiet. I hope that a return of Idol will bring folx back here.

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