July 12th, 2021

anatomical beat

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* Heat wave is supposed to break this evening. It feels better already, cooler on the breeze. It's been nigh unbearable. I took a suggestion from [personal profile] halfshellvenus and we tacked an outside rug over the large bank of windows on the west side of the house. K had suggested matchstick blinds on the outside and that's what we are now going to purchase because blocking that light/heat really made a difference. I guess we will need to put up some sort of blinds on the upstairs westside. We have no window coverings here because 30 acres.

* Wrote another quick sketch for the [community profile] sunshine_challenge . I'm really enjoying the prompts, of course. I've got to find a way back to the keyboard. Rusty and dusty as all hell. I'm waiting for Inspiration but I need to get over that #$%^ and just set and write. I own a mechanical keyboard courtesy Qwerkytoys and it makes a huge difference for my OldSkool heart. I will need to dig it out and set it back up. The rest of the house loathes it and this is a semi-communal compie. It's true, I don't have a Room of my Own. I once had a Closet of my Own, but that was decades ago and now I am in the kitchen.

* The Viking is one of those very rare colour blind folks that only see in shades of grey. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing aspect is that he sees things that the rest of us miss. Last night he saw this bedraggled screech owl in the pool skimmer. Poor thing was exhausted. We scooped it out and the moment we draped a towel over a lounge chair it hopped beneath it and began recuperating. This morning it was gone! 

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