September 4th, 2021

anatomical beat

wedding to-do list brain dump

Getting very busy now. Not in the wedding homestretch just yet, but coming around that final turn for sure. No longer can put things off for any reason whatsoever! I need to decide on what I'll be wearing. I need to buy earrings and shoes. I think I have something that will work for the rehearsal dinner, but no idea what D can wear to that. Kidling1 and I will be driving down to Monterey on Monday to meet up with her future MiL to finalize details there. D's concert pianist sister gave us a ton of ideas about the ceremony as she's going to be playing! And so now we have to begin working on incorporating that. 

I've been growing out my baby bangs so I can have a softer look for an updo. That's a big change for my face. I'm also wearing my contact lenses daily to get back in the habit.

Money is flying away from me, and all I can do is wave goodbye to all the ducats. 

It looks like Nikon will not be releasing the new flagship mirrorless in time for me to get my greedy grabby hands on one before the festivities. But that's okay. Other than the bridal showers, I need to release my desire for photographic control over events. 

I was hoping to try out mirrorless at anothr wedding! We are heading north in October for D's sister's wedding. That should be fun, but not very relaxing as Oregon is back in Covid mode. It's an outdoor event, though, and I think that will help mitigate fears. I'm looking forward to communing with The Multnomah Falls once more.

Two bridal showers for Kidling1, before and after the Oregon wedding. One I'm co-hosting, the other is in The Bay with the other half of the wedding guests. 

So, yep. Planning and parties and expenses and clothing! It does feel fun and exciting right now and my goal is to maintain that throughout! 

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