September 10th, 2021

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What a week! Time is no longer my own and I can't remember the last moment that I called my own. I guess...I have to admit that the wedding homestretch is longer than I had thought and I think we are in it now! 

Kidling1 and I travelled down to Monterey for three days this week in order to finalize ALL THE THINGS. It was fun and exhausting and lovely and utterly batshit crazy. But we got stuff done and waved to the sea and drove like a zillion miles. Future MiL, M, was there with her husband who really could have stayed home. We left the men here home because,'s just not their purview. We saw him for the initial planning at the Lodge and then for dinner. The rest of the time he hung out in Carmel.

I adore M and am so very happy for Kidling1. My own MiL story has had major ups and downs and my poor mother had a really crappy situation but carried on as is her way. We are sharing the cost of the wedding with Kidling1's beau's parents and it's worked out fantastically. Certainly letting them get MORE wedding, which is nice. 

So, we moved way ahead with planning, just small details left now. Got reception things rented, cake tasted, flowers begun, rehearsal dinner contemplated, and a makeup and hair trial. It was a whirlwind. It's going to be wonderful and the site is wonderful and everyone should have a wonderful little holiday with a wedding right in the middle of it all.

It certainly has brought home for me that I am behind! I've been trying to finish what I need up before this weekend so I can focus on the showers and D's sister's wedding! 

Unfortunately, Covid is having a negative effect. We are beginning to get declining RSVPs and they sting a bit. We do have a B list....and have dipped into it, but the same issues will be the same with the B, too. It can't be helped. These kids need to get married. They bought a house this past spring! They want to launch their life together. 

I have pictures and should upload them. I will. 

Other than wedding, I don't have much else going on. :) 

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