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this post brought to you by InstaGram

* We finished Rectify the night before last. It didn't necessarily go "off the rails" in Season 4 so much as it just lost power and slowed itself to a mind-numbing crawl and then a stop. The Season 3 "finale" was far better than anything that gets resolved, or not, in S4. Ah, well. Endings are hard.

* Rain has stopped, but now it's cold and very dark. A very mountain winter for us this year.

* I've decided to track my reading for 2017. I am pretty haphazard in the way I tackle my tottering to-read pile. Thus far, this year, I've read Jeff Vandermeer's impressive trilogy - The Southern Reach. And I recommend it. NOT my usual fare and typically the type of thing I shy away from because I find it existentially depresseing. Bleak sci-fi. But these books are so incredibly well-written and profoundly thought-out that I could not put them down. One after the other after the other. I do think the story is an analogy to writing? Life? Human existence in regards to the planet? I'm still pondering.

One of the amazing lines I've bookmarked.

Next up on the list -

* I've decided, once again, to grow my hair out. I want to grow out my bangs/fringe because I think it's time. We shall see if I can accomplish this.

Obligatory dog pictures. Sleepy Zoltan and Desmond sad to see me leaving.

* Completely and utterly humbled by the response to my Idol piece this week. It has lit a small flame within me and I'm beyond grateful.

When your heart is soggy with unshed tears and you stumble across an amazing hand-painted pitcher at the outlet store and begin drying out. "Jal" -gypsy name meaning wanderer.

I leave you with this astonishing line from the poet -


Jan. 12th, 2017 02:59 pm (UTC)
I'm all for using IG for everything! I am excited for you to find community there. It can be done. I feel like the specilaized pockets that brought us online in the first place are drying up in favor of little corners we make in the more populated spaces. Or something.

I think you are very right to recc that trilogy for Mat. I will pick it up. (Speaking of, his colleague Ted just returned from a dig in Antarctica and has been posting Amaaaaazing pics on IG I think you'd be into. https://www.instagram.com/teddaeschler/)

Your pups are too much.

Jan. 12th, 2017 06:45 pm (UTC)
I do sense a community there but it feels so truncated to me. No one responds to much and there isn't really a way into a dialogue. But it's definitely full of inspiration! Sometimes I think we can filter out too much diversity and end up in a stale place. I really am waiting for the next LJ! :)

I think he will dig it! Let me know!



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