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* I have heard fantastic things about the serialized "Series of Unfortunate Events" and have it queued, although, obviously I will have to watch it solo. I don't think I've yet gotten over my thunderstruck feeling about Carrey's Olaf. OMFG. I will admit to my bizarre fetish in which I want to hit that character in all his stripey trousers, goat-eed, eyebrowed glory. YES, PLEASE. It's kinda fun to see Hall using that as a derivative jumping off point.

* Taboo this week! Zilpha is still not working for me as hard as I've tried. I'm just not feeling her coldness or that crazy wild-eyed thing the actress keeps doing. That makes me sad because I'm ready for the incest. Bring it! Hardy is working overtime to instill the relationship with so much crackling energy...and it's just getting strangely deflected. Her best scene yet was solo???? And now the widow is involved. It's good stuff. The writing! Atticus is my favourite because of course he is with his map tattoo!

* Also, out of sheer desperation because I've been reading a ton of fairy and folk tales and one can't live on books alone in these modern small screen times...I have been watching...wait for it....Grimm and Once Upon a Time. I have had a rotting soft spot for Grimm since it began. Yep, I was there from the begining and I put up with another non-sparking relationship between Nick and Juliet because Monroe!!! And Monroe/Rosalie and Adalind/everyone. And mainly because of the quotes in the opening credits. THOSE QUOTES!!! I could use them for prompts for writing for the rest of my days and have material enough for stories untold. They are wonderful! Season 5 was a glorious payoff for those of us who stuck with the silliness and Season 6 is turning out to be okay, so all is good with that. Now with OUaT, completely different experience. I wanted to love it. I sat through the first season when it aired...and I hated it. It was the most cringey thing I had just about ever seen and I just finally had to give up on it. Ugh. A funny thing happened a few weeks ago. It came up in my Netflix recs....and I thought, huh. It is pretty with pretty people and I thought I'll try it again. Boy howdy, the trick to OUaT is binge-watching!!! This show!!! Is insanely good! And not wincey at all! How could I ever have thought that? As a matter of fact, I think it's really brave and the cast is really brave and the show is working for me when I don't have a week to think about how not fairytale-ish it is. It's a modern fairytale about family. The mother/daughter relationships most especially! I really think if you tried and gave up or haven't tried at all, this is a show to queue.

* Now I am sad that the LJ Of Olde is gone because it would be fun to meta and drabble and fic these three shows!

I missed this vid when Nick released it -


Feb. 4th, 2017 06:57 pm (UTC)
I KNEW there was an OUAT fangrrl on the flist! It does have that love/hate thing going on! I just started S2. I think..it is always maddening. That seems to be one of the motifs of the writing approach.

There are so many fics on A03 it's really hard to know where to jump in. Your recs are always spot on...so if you have any early series recs, I would be all over them!
Feb. 4th, 2017 08:17 pm (UTC)
Well, I have a ton of Rumbelle recs of course, which I understand is not quite your thing, but I can recommend a few authors and some specific fics to get you started and if you like them I have a ton more. Seriously. I'm helping to run a fandom awards event literally right now (voting ends tonight) and it's in its fifth year. My subsection of the OUAT fandom as a whole has a billionty stories that range from sweet to holy *fuck* plus a whole bunch of crossovers that would make you go crosseyed.

I do want to give you a fair warning that right around the second half of season 2 the show completely derails and goes to plaid. I don't even watch anymore, I just keep up with the fandom.

Author recs - note all of these writers have AO3 accounts, but not all of their fics are housed there. Definitely browse their masterlists for some fun goodies - PLUS some of them have rec lists so if you like what they write you'll probably like what they read:

Rufeepeach (link to AO3 on her page), who is a brilliant writer (one of my favorites) with a range from utterly romantic to heartbreaking and sometimes it's all in one, which is the best of both worlds. For you I would recommend Inheritance which is a non-magic AU, but it's finished (thank god!) and it doesn't require having watched six seasons of the show. I would also recommend Burning Bright, but that does have spoilers so YMMV.

The Marchionessofblackadder hasn't written for Once since 2014 so there won't be many spoilers for you. The drawback to that is a minefield of unfinished WIP so tread carefully and check the chapter counts because she's addicting. (her zombie story is especially good, but NOT FINISHED which is a crying shame). Anyway, she's a beautiful writer.

A Muse of Fyre. She also doesn't write for Once anymore (she now writes actual books with paper and is published!), but I think you will like pretty much everything she writes.

Straggletag. One of my favorite writers ever. Specializes in long-ass oneshots, but she also wrote what is considered the bar for Rumbelle AUs and it holds up years later (Starbucks series if you're wondering). A lot of AUs (her Addams Family crossover is my favorite and there's an adorable remix of it. Both are still unfinished though - she does update them, but slowly. Again, YMMV.)

Standbyyourmantis. One of the most popular writers in our fandom and for good reason. Also, she updates constantly. You won't find a dangling WIP anywhere. I think you would really like Any Port in a Storm (which now has a sequel).

Forget Me Not Which is one of my favorite stories in the world. Roberre doesn't write anymore, but this story hold true to this day. Only read after you reach episode 2-19, but please read it. If you read nothing else on my list, read THIS ONE.

I'm also going to throw in A Bed of Thorns which is the Rumbelle epic fic of epicness. It's a WIP, but Nym updates still. It's been ongoing since 2012 and it's a twist on Skin Deep (he marries Belle instead of asking her to be his maid). Slow burn, character study, tons of sex, lots of beautiful prose (at over 700K words I'm not even close to exaggerating about that). This is *the* standard setting story for most of us. You won't be spoiled for any of the upcoming seasons.

I think that'll get you started. Please let me know if you like anything you've read. And if you leave feedback for the writers tell them Sluggy sent you (well except for Fyre and the marchioness, they have no idea who I am. The rest do, though;))

(There are a few stories that are ensemble pieces, but very spoilery so I hesitate to rec them. Let me know if you want them anyway)


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