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American Gods - premiere episode

Well......what do we think? I'm....on the fence. Yes, it's going to have to start slow and build it's particular world and characters, but I was chomping at the bit and ended up feeling unsatisfied.

The truly bright spot for me in this premiere episode was the leprechaun who jumped fully fledged into the scene and just kept the energy sky-high. He was perfect in every imaginable way - looks, dress, swagger. I did enjoy McShane's Wodan....but felt the physical manifestation of the character was downplayed a little too much. Seemed to rely more on dialogue than being in-character. And the delivery a bit too pat? I know I'm being hypercritical but we've been waiting a long time and we know the cast and crew are stellar. So I really wanted this thing to have so much freakin' life in it that sparks would shoot out of the television set. That did NOT happen.

I'm struggling with Shadow. I want MORE from him. I didn't get a true sense of the character at all....and that was frustrating when the secondary charcters were so full of clean lines, such as Mad Sweeny and OMG Robbie's widow Audrey! She was an amazing suprised and another scene-stealer.

Was Technical Boy successfully portrayed? Or how about the disturbing scene with Bilquis? I'm still debating those.

It was interesting that The Viking who knows nothing about Gaiman or this novel or even the culturalization of personifying the Olde Gods was absolutely bored silly by the show. That made me sad. Technically it was appealing, very visual. But the scenes didn't seem to stitch together well and that left him continually in the dark. I don't want to TELL him the story because I do want the show to move at its own pace, but I'm not sure how many more episodes he'll sit through. Sadly, this is in direct contrast to LEGION which grabbed him by the throat right out of the gate.

So, those who are watching, what did YOU think?

OF course of course of course I'm over-the-moon for Mad Sweeney!!! Perfect casting. The guy is just chewing scenery left and right and leaving everyone in his dust -


May. 1st, 2017 08:04 pm (UTC)
In the past I've read Gaiman, not sure which book, or what books, I don't think I have read it, though...I did read a book called American Gods, but it was by Harlan Ellison. (Kindle knows Harlan Ellison's name!) What I recall of the Gaiman book is sketchy, tiny little people, a big monster-type. Sketchy.

I'm glad you're getting some love from the series. Sorry D wasn't enthralled. We want the ones we love to love the things we love. We just do.

I know you stream things, is this an Amazon stream? I haven't seen it advertised in Canada.


May. 1st, 2017 10:48 pm (UTC)
I'm going to stick with this...but the novel may be the better investment, M. We shall see!

I'm wondering if that's actually a Terry Pratchett you're remembering?

This is on Starz which is a subscription channel on amazon. Nothing is free anymore, is it?


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