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* Surprised more LJers aren't mentioning the very sad and way-too-soon passing of Nelsan Ellis. Guess that's the state of LJ, these days. I might have been in the minority, but for me, True Blood was Lafayette's show. The Lafaytte/Jesus arc was one of the hottest and most mesmerizing romances I've ever seen on tv. I wrote a couple of Lafayette/Jesus fics. And Ellis's Lafayette was without question one of the most astonishing pieces of acting in the history of screens. Hands down. The man was an utter genius. Today his family is revealing a terrible truth - he was an addict and an alcoholic and his last struggle trying to beat this took his life. Tragic. RIP Nelsan.

* In my search for a hefty British novelist-style tome I came across a book I had forgotten during my "conjoined twins" reading - Sarah Rayne's A Dark Dividing. It was atrociously bad. Laughingly inept. But it did keep me hooked because of the cheesy and utterly implausible mystery and proved a fast read. It had one brilliant chapter...and I wonder if that was originally a short piece. She seriously needed an editor.

* Reading Fargo fanfic because Wrench/Nikki.

* Witnesses got seriously creepy.

* Kidling1 had never seen Alien, so we watched it the other night. It holds up insanely well. And one forgets that this film rocketed Giger to cult superstar status. But his work on it was truly....archetypal. Deeply disturbing imagery. Also, baby John Hurt.


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Jul. 10th, 2017 10:03 pm (UTC)
Wrench/Nikki was the highlight of Fargo's final season!

I am not surprised about the addiction being the cause behind the passing of Nelsan Ellis.

Lafayette used to be my favourite character, but I think that TB ruined him (among other characters)after the first seasons. Never got into the Jesus/Lafayette thing, sorry.

I saw the latest Alien, a few weeks ago, at the cinema. *sigh*. They really should stop...

Ripley was my heroine: she saved the cat! Well, sort of...
Jul. 10th, 2017 10:10 pm (UTC)
Absolutely!!! I swooned and then I cheered and then I cried. Damn. But those sideburns!!! Have you seen this -


Mary Elizabeth's IG - look through it for a great ASL song with Harvard.

I did a rewatch of TB about three years ago...and forgave it everything. I truly believe that it has one of the greatest most moving endings of any tv ever. Just astonishing death scene with Bill and Sookie. I think it needs to be mainlined.

Ha, Alien franchise. Yeah no.
Jul. 11th, 2017 12:37 am (UTC)
There have been so many actors lately losing the battle with their hidden addictions I'm just not surprised anymore.

Have you seen the 30-second bunny version of Alien?
Jul. 11th, 2017 06:39 pm (UTC)
Love the bunny version! :-)
Jul. 11th, 2017 02:08 am (UTC)
Was very surprised to hear of his death. Really sad to know the circumstances behind it.

Jul. 11th, 2017 04:00 am (UTC)
when i read about nelsan ellis my first thought was "was he sick?" followed by "i bet he od'ed". because he was young for it to be just plain old heart failure. i think i only lasted two seasons of true blood, but i always liked lafayette. i liked nelsan on elementary too.

aliens was the scariest movie i ever saw until i saw the shining, so i'm not sure i could handle the first one. good to know it still holds up, tho.
Jul. 11th, 2017 06:35 pm (UTC)
I think I saw Alien in the cinema when it first came out. I think I have seen all it spawned, but think the first was the best. Didn't they just remake the first one? I went to the first one because John Hurt was in it. My uncle went because he liked Sci-fis.
Jul. 11th, 2017 08:09 pm (UTC)
I'd watch Alien and Aliens with every. single. pregnancy and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. A lot. The sequels can all die in a fire though. (Shawn says the newest one was good. I haven't seen it)

I never watched True Blood and only read the first book in the series. A lot of people on my FB feed are very sad about his passing.

Jul. 11th, 2017 09:05 pm (UTC)
I loved Nelsan, and I'm so sorry to hear that his death was the end of an addiction struggle, rather than "just" a sudden medical issue.

The actor who played Bill wrote a beautiful tribute piece.

It's been all over my FB, I think people are doing their grieving there.

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